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I was in Reims, France with the lovely Veuve Clicquot team to learn every little thing about champagne and learn about their latest creation, CLICQUOT RICH. We began our trip at the exclusive Hotel Du Marc. It’s a luxurious house turned private estate owned by the Veuve Clicquot family, and only used to host parties and invited guests. Talk about one very special experience. 

But let’s start from the beginning. “Veuve” means widow in French and it was Madame Clicquot who took over the family champagne business when her husband died unexpectedly, leaving her widowed at a young age. The company then became called Veuve Clicquot and we believe it was their daughter Clementine who was the inspiration for the iconic yellow seen on the label. Madame Clicquot had some major girl power. Back in the day, women weren’t ones running businesses, but Madame Clicquot is what I like to call a GIRL BOSS. She wanted to continue the family business, perfect the production of her wine, and build the luxurious Veuve Clicquot brand.

Now let me take you back to Hotel Du Marc. This extremely chic hotel has a brilliant library, a dining room unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and a stunning lavender staircase, inspired by the rich hues of the grapes used in each wine. On the second floor are rooms that each represent a different country. I fell in love with the seafoam green walls of the guest bedroom representing France, and the extra large pink kimono draping along the wall of the Japanese room. Each part of this hotel was breathtaking. It was only a short drive from the Veuve Clicquot cellars… where the wine is made, left to age for years, before being distributed and enjoyed all around the world.

I am so excited to introduce you to Veuve Clicquot Rich. Rich is inspired by mixology, and that’s why we call it CLICQUOLOGY. Clicquot Rich is a bit more sweet due to its higher concentration of sugar. It’s meant for drinking in a large wine glass, served over ice, and accompanied with fresh ingredients including pineapple, celery, tea, pepper, cucumber, or grapefruit. For me, I personally love adding in the green and red bell peppers. The spice gives it all a little kick! It’s delicious and refreshing. It’s totally my summer rooftop drink. My friends are going to be obsessed. And it’s nice going to champagne for a change, over a wine or a classic cocktail. I love this new, innovative take on mixology and champagne.

CLICQUOLOGY took a while to perfect. Finding the right amount of sweetness. Finding the right fruits and veggies that complement the champagne well. But it was worth the wait!

Here is a little insight on what goes into producing champagne. This process takes 4 years!

1. The grapes are harvested by hand in September in the vineyards of Reims, France.

2. Gentle press to a juice, then it becomes base wine and goes through fermentation.

3. It’s blended and bottled in February to sit for 3 years.

4. The second fermentation. Yeast and sugar are added and natural carbon dioxide.

5. Open the bottle, remove the years, and add alcohol.

6. Last step is dosage. This determines if you are making something sweet or dry, or something really potent, like a dessert wine. The Clicquot Rich is in between. It’s not a vintage. It’s a bit more sweet and made to be mixed with fruits or vegetables to enhance the champagne’s flavor.

So now you know a bit about champagne, straight from the city of Reims! See you at the NYC polo match this weekend.


// Finders Keepers top, Milly pants, AGAIN Collection fringed dress, Jocelyn fur coat, Dear Frances mules, Ax + Apple jewelry, Dannijo earrings //



There’s one thing in life that I feel I finally have. And that’s balance. Running my own business, along with constant traveling can sometimes make me feel super frazzled. Sure I’ve got a lot more responsibility, but I’ve finally learned that having a more simple well-rounded life makes me feel really good in work and life. It’s so important to be organized, have a routine, eat fresh foods, exercise, and still manage to fit in band practice at the end of the day.

Thank you for the lovely story New York Magazine!

Everyday for me is totally different. I could be up at 5am to go to the airport for a photoshoot. I could have an entire day to catch up on a month of emails. I could have a full day on my guitar, preparing for a show. I could be with my sister Dylana, shooting content for the blog, and coming up with what we’re going to write about next, where we’ll travel next, and fitting it all into our schedules. With so much on my plate, I want my beauty routine to be super minimal. The last thing I want to worry about is a break-out! I like myself best with less makeup, when my hair is it’s natural color, and when I’m eating right. Sephora is the where I go to when I’m looking for powerful products I can travel with, and use every single day. Knowing that it’s gentle on my delicate skin and won’t give me a road bump before any important meetings!

But before all that, I love having my routine just for my own mentality. Like taking that early morning run blasting music in my headphones… to a yoga stretch in my living room… to burning palo santo incense right when I jump out of the shower. To remembering to put on my night face serum before bed and learn a new song on my guitar. My dumbo loft is my sanctuary. It’s my work place, creative place, and home. These are all little things that give me routine and balance. With juggling so many different projects, I’ve figured out how to stay on top of my game, especially when life is throwing itself at you! To look and feel good in front of and behind the lens everyday isn’t always easy. I realized I had to stay focused and of course, use products that are good for my skin, body, mind, and soul.

Here’s a tiny peek into the day-in-the-life of me.


1. I start everyday with the Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Facial Toner. I have combination skin, so a toner is essential for me. This one smells so good, it’s like a pick me up.


2. I recently just started using the Tatcha Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream. It has indigo in it and I love it’s beautiful blue hue. It locks in moisture in an instant. And I like it’s size…perfect for throwing in my travel bag.


3. I am addicted to the incense of palo santo, a Native American sacred wood. Every morning I open all of my windows and let the wood burn. It’s a bit like my reflecting, zen time. It helps me get the day going on a calm note.


4. I run on coffee, so I always have a fresh pot brewing every morning before I slip into my gym clothes. Some days I run to Brooklyn Heights, or along the DUMBO Brooklyn Bridge Park. Either way, I stretch on a yoga mat in my living room. I finally realized how important stretching is for me.

Then, I’ll plug into my computer and answer a bunch of emails before getting ready for the day.


5. When I’m rushing in between meetings, I love to stop at SweetGreen in Soho. I always go for Kale Caesar. Easy.


7. This afternoon was really special. I did a pit stop at Dylana‘s Brooklyn abode to go over the songs we are performing for my best friend’s store opening in Soho, at ANTHOM. I was a nervous wreck all week, but all the practice and sleepless nights were so worth it!


8. Ready to hit the stage. We performed with the amazing instrumental band, City of the Sun…a collaboration we’ve been talking about for over a year and finally made happen. It felt really, really good. I did another quick outfit change in a head-to-toe ANTHOM look. It wasn’t long before a lot of press and followers turned up for the gig. It was such a magical night.


9. Home just before midnight. It’s been a LONG and crazy day, so I always remember to lather up on the night oil. I go for Sunday Riley’s LUNA Night Oil. It has retinol and blue tansy, making it extra potent. Just what I need to get up and feel renewed before another crazy day.


Read more on New York Magazine.




When it comes to denim, I go for the feel of the denim first. I love when they’ve been washed over and over again in the factory to make a super duper soft feel. Siwy Denim kills it in that department, and their latest A/W ’16 collection comes in all shapes and sizes. I mean who doesn’t love a classic culotte? But this one is anything but basic. The high waist and frayed hem gives it a sexy vintage look. High fashion but accessible. I like it with a super simple body suit and red pumps for a lunch meeting in Williamsburg. Leave it to me to brighten up a rainy day with a pop of red. I never see things as black or white.

// Siwy Denim “catherine” jeans, Wolford turtleneck, Paul & Joe coat, Ax + Apple necklace, Kamryn Dame jewerly, Aquatalia pumps //



This may be the most movable pair of jeans I own. You can literally do yoga in them. They’re that good. This is my go-to look for a weekend at the park. When I want to play with the boys, throw some hoops on the basketball court, and make up my own dance routines with my headphones on. It’s the tomboy in me. I love an easy tank top and some really classic black jeans. Plus, they make your bum look ace.

// Siwy Denim “felicity” jean, Camp Collection tank, Puma x Rihanna sneakers //



The higher the waist, the better. Siwy Denim’s the Jackie is beyond sexy because it’s simplicity and rich blue hue. You can style them anyway. This is a simple day-of-the-week look. A classic button-down, my favorite vintage scarf, and lace-up shoes. Belt or no belt required depending on your mood. How is it that jeans always get better with age? They just do.

// Siwy “jackie” jeans, VEDA leather jacket, Zara top and shoes //


see my Siwy Denim A/W ’16 campaign here.



As most of you know, I just went through an exciting new hair change. And it’s called hair strobing: the use of color to highlight your best features. I am so excited to share my new Matrix “Rock n’ Strobe look. They’re really the only ones out there who have perfected the art of hair strobing and it’s honestly such a refreshing change. With summer, I’ve been craving color and something unique. I knew Matrix would be able to make my vision come to life. They have every color of the rainbow that can be mixed to perfection. Color that lasts a long time, and a line of products that are delicate on my fine hair.

Most of my career, I’ve let my hair be super natural. With modeling, I’ve become known for my blunt bangs and long dark brown hair. But being a blank canvas can sometimes get boring. My personality is colorful and quirky. I even wear a ton of color! My style is rebellious, daring, and out there. I worked with my Matrix stylist, Danielle Keasling, to come up with a look that was vibrant and extra bold, but still super wearable and went with my “always on the go, ready for anything” lifestyle. But seriously, I always like an easy look that can be styled any day of the week, on any set that I’m working on, or any travel destination. A look that went with just any look or mood I was in for the day.

My original intention was for purple because it’s always looked so glamour in brown hair. Eventually we threw in the idea of blues and greens, and fading out into a deep purple. But it isn’t any ombré. We went with bold bright hair strobing on pieces that frame my jaw, cheekbones, and heart-shaped face. Leaving my ends natural and letting the blues, greens, and purple pop from underneath when the wind blows, when I give myself a little curl, or have it up in my signature messy bun. It’s my own take on mermaid hair!

I couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s fun to catch people by surprise with a pop of the blue peeking behind my ears, or inside my braid. It makes me want to wear my hair up and rock a killer pair of earrings. The process of getting a new look in the salon is exciting, especially when you’ve got your girl tribe doing the exact same thing. Sometimes you really just need a change. Even it’s just a temporary color to go with the mood you’re in that month. Mine is for about 20 washes, but with good care and conditioning, my color has been lasting a bit longer. 

Matrix, you’ve brightened me up and I love how it shows a bit of my wild personality. Now I am addicted. What colors to go with next?!

Thank you to my Matrix family! Get the look with Matrix Rock ‘N’ Strobe!


images courtesy of Matrix