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VILLA CORA | Florence


The Hotel Villa Cora is indeed one of my favorite places to stay in Florence, Italy. My bright yellow room was quirky, bold, and so incredibly chic! There was so much character. I never wanted to hop out of that gigantic bed. Even my bathroom and tub was a beautiful hue of mustard yellow! Now I just want everything in this happy, eclectic shade. Our stay felt a lot like a movie. It easily could make for a Wes Anderson film set. Everything was symmetrical. Everything came in pairs. The lamps, the end tables, the chairs. Everything centered and perfectly placed. It’s funny how I notice my surroundings. I picture everything as a photograph. But I guess that’s a good thing when it comes to my field of work. Plush pillows. Luxe curtains. Morning breakfasts overlooking the steaming outdoor pool lined with Roman statues. This is one place where you will feel just like a queen. The best thing about traveling is enjoying the hotel. Then comes the food. Then comes the fashion. Florence made me want to cuddle up in a beret, scarf, and my hotel slippers. Dylana filmed this little short story at the lovely, Hotel Villa Cora. And what a pleasant stay it was.

See more of my little films on my Youtube.

florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-5florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-6florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-3florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-4florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-9florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-7florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-16florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-18florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-15florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-13florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-19florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-10florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-8florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-20// Ganni silk tank, Ax + Apple necklaces and bracelets, Love Haus underwear //




Fashion month is a frenzy of color, textures, and flashing lights. Though I can’t get enough of it, I’m totally okay to be slipping away to sunny Los Angeles this (for a super rad shoot…stay tuned). But yes, I was getting a little too excited for Milan! Next season I suppose!

It’s an excuse to wear your craziest, chicest outfits and strut the sh*t out of the downtown Manhattan streets. Literally, your world becomes your runway. Yes everyone wants to snap you picture. (um, duh?!) But really, it’s funny how the front row sometimes overshadows the shows. It’s like “let’s get this show on the road! Do we have to stare at Kim K in section C?” Everyone has a schedule. Everyone’s got somewhere to go, someone to meet. “What are you doing tonight?” Me, well, club bed of course. New York dipped to 5 degrees. Sure we froze our bums off. But what better excuse to bust out the fur coats, berets, and booties! A reason to wear a luxurious fur coat! My pals and I ended up looking like a tall group of wooly mammoths.

Anyways, I was super inspired by Coach, Alice & Olivia, and Libertine (as always). It’s official. The 70’s will never go away. 70’s prints and colors, in modern sophisticated silhouettes. Go crazy girls. Eclectic, rebellious attitude is always in style.








// Asilio trench coat, Charlotte Simone scarf, La Canadienne boots, Kenneth Cole backpack, vintage beret, Ax + Apple ring //



I have been using Jergens ever since I was a little girl. And I am one to shower and moisturize my entire body right afterwards. Being someone who loves the sun, who loves to swim, and be really active no matter what season it is, I take moisturizing my whole body really seriously. Focusing on the neck, legs, arms, and chest! For me, my mornings begin with a quick check at my Instagram, turning on NY1 on my TV so I can hear the news, get my coffee machine going…and hop in the shower.

I’ve just discovered the new Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer, and I am seriously obsessed. After you shower, just apply it to your already wet skin before you towel dry. No need to rinse it off (it won’t go down the drain- the moisturizer immediately sinks into your skin, and it really works. It’s my life saver, and my legs and arms have never been so smooth and hydrated. Plus, it’s saves me a ton of time before I leave the house, after the gym, or right before bed. You get 2x the moisture in half the time. I even prefer brushing my teeth in the shower, let alone moisturize! I am currently using the Nourshing Monoi – and it keeps my skin baby soft. But you can also get Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer with coconut oil, and calming green tea oil. I got all 3 depending on my mood! Showering has never felt this good. Soak it up ladies.

Shop it here.




BRRRRRRRR!!! New York City, you are absolutely freezing, but I still adore you! New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and figuring out what to step outside the door in is always so tricky. I’ve decided on pants under dresses. Tights under pants. Turtlenecks under…sweater turtlenecks? It seems that every NYFW in February gets tortured with a good 5 degree mark. Only the fittest survive I assume. Here I am, backstage at Noon by Noor over the weekend, in one of my favorite simple looks. A dramatic wide-leg pant by Milly. Leather vest by Veda. Absolute killer ombre scarf by Charlotte Simone. And my pop of color: mom’s vintage coat. Don’t go outside without a beanie unless you want frostbite.

As for keeping track of my daily activites, I’ve been keeping my schedule in check with notifications from my new Android Wear watch. It’s chic, and I’m totally obsessed. I prefer to keep my phone off during the shows, and if I have something urgent, my watch will notify me. It keeps me less stressed, and a lot more on top of things. You can see more of how I style my watch on Instagram (along with a lot of my latest looks!)

But this whole month has been extremely CRAZY. Last month was crazy. This month is crazier. I’ve been shooting everyday. See some BTS behind my Wildfox and Desigual shoots here. Then, I suddenly became a HOME OWNER. I finally got the keys to my new loft, and I’m working on planning on when furniture gets delivered, where I’ll be hanging my coats (etc, etc) ALL DURING FASHION WEEK. How did this happen? I have absolutely no clue. All I know is, I can’t wait for my beach getaway this weekend, and a really really good deep tissue massage. Just a few more days till that much needed R&R.

Now take a peek at some of my favorite shows this season.


Kate Spade Fall 2016. Presented at the the Top of the Rock in the Rainbow Room, it was beyond gorgeous. Pinks, bows, but with that unexpected edgy shearling leather jacket (I need!)


Desigual Fall 2016: super 70’s. The prints, colors, and berets were so on point. I love their eclectic, happy collections season by season. I’m so excited to be working with this Spanish brand this year.


BCBGMAXAZRIA Fall 2016: Metallic tights are officially in!! YES! The layering in this show reminds me a lot of how my sister and I dress. Stripes under our overalls. Long duster coats with midis. Vests over jackets with a cinched waist. All of it, so inspiring.

nyfw-natalie-suarez-feb-2016-6nyfw-natalie-suarez-feb-2016-5nyfw-natalie-suarez-feb-2016-2android-wear-natalie-suarez-5android-wear-natalie-suarez-6// Android Wear watch, Vintage coat, Charlotte Simone scarf, VEDA vest, Milly pants, Kenneth Cole backpack, La Canadienne boots //