I’m such a fitness junkie. I’ll take every class on the planet. Some of my favorites? Yoga. Bari. Pilates. Boxing. Dance. Mixing it up with the occasional run along the west-side highway does a girl good. But one thing that I’ve learned is most important? Really getting in a good stretch before and after a workout. It completely leans you out, and elongates you. Plus, it feels really good. Stretching is just as serious as my activewear. I’ve just stocked up on new gear from Lord & Taylor. Calvin Klein Performance, along with Under Armor, to name a few of my favorite brands. I love a soft palette for the gym. Greys, blacks, and neutral tie-dyes, along with a stellar pair of kicks. I kicked off the new year fresh with a good yoga session on my front porch back in California. This year is all about being stronger, healthier, and a lot more zen.

lord-taylor-active-wear-natalie-suarez-12lord-taylor-active-wear-natalie-suarez-7lord-taylor-active-wear-natalie-suarez-5=6lord-taylor-active-wear-natalie-suarez-14lord-taylor-active-wear-natalie-suarez-10lord-taylor-active-wear-natalie-suarez-11lord-taylor-active-wear-natalie-suarez-17lord-taylor-active-wear-natalie-suarez-22lord-taylor-active-wear-natalie-suarez-18Lord & Taylor:

-Under Armor hat

-Calvin Klein Performance bra

=Calvin Klein Performance yoga pants and jacket

-Michael Kors sneakers 

34 Responses to STRETCH IT OUT

  1. Elena says:

    Love the bra and the yoga pants and I loooove sports! <3 I even study it in the University of Heidelberg, so I can never get enough of it! I guess I have got more sport clothes than normal clothes, hahaha.
    You have an awesome shape btw!!
    XO 🙂 Elena

  2. bshujewelry says:

    I didn’t know CK had such cute workout gear! Need to get my hands on these pants. I love the color palette of your workout clothes.

    Definitely need to stretch more, it not only feels really great I can actually see a difference on my waist when I stretch my upper body enough 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    I love stretching and yoga! It’s definitely important to have the right kind of workout clothing/gear and Calvin Klein is definitely on top of my list!

    Pop over to my blog!



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