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Not only does every year get more exciting, every single day of living this dream is exciting. This was a very memorable year. One thing that really made me happy was when I bought a house. One of my absolute favorite parts of this year were making my loft a real home. Decorating, painting, getting to really live in it. I love having my special place to create, live, love, and grow. I wake up everyday feeling stronger, fresher, and most importantly, inspired. There are already so many wonderful memories made in this house that I’ll never forget. What keeps me going is you. Thank you guys for being a part of Team Suarez and constantly inspiring me to perfect my craft, work harder, and live each moment to the fullest. I love sharing all of my wacky stories with you. Thank you for following me on set at every photoshoot. For tuning in every single performance I made here in NYC and pushing me to sing more. For keeping me on my toes. Challenging me. Watching me grow. Tagging along on every single adventure. This year Dylana and I have travelled all over the world. We finally made the trip back to Malaysia to see all of my family. We hit numerous cities in the US that I’ve always wanted to visit: Dallas, Nashville, Miami, Salt Lake City, and Austin amongst more amazing countries like Italy, Canada, Costa Rica, Thailand, the UK, and France. It’s a year where I hopped on numerous planes….and can you believe it? A jet. I’ve never worked so hard in my life, yet I still feel completely balanced…I have so much fun doing what I do. Making real connections, making new friends. So many tales, and so many photos. Each brings a smile to my face. Below are just some remarkable times and campaigns from 2016 that I’ll never forget. Happy New Year to you lovebugs, may 2017 be magical!

joybird-couch-natalie-suarez-dumbo-loft-off-duty-15-5451promemoria-italy-natalie-suarez-dumbo-loft-home-12high-fashion-home-natalie-suarez-dumbo-loft-off-duty-11-52301lord-taylor-natalie-suarez-closet-spring-7lulu-and-georgia-rug-natalie-suarez-dumbo-loft-nyc-1-5463new-york-mag-the-cut-sephora-natalie-suarez-22net-jets-art-basel-natalie-lim-suarez-3city-of-the-sun-natalie-dylana-suarez-performing-singing-anthom-21-1261lulu-and-georgia-natalie-suarez-dumbo-loft-off-duty-13-5284Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 10.10.59 AMralph-lauren-pink-pony-2urban-decay-getaway-suarez-sisters-23urban-decay-getaway-suarez-sisters-13IMG_0475urban-decay-getaway-suarez-sisters-1Natalie-off-duty-DPIMG_0478IMG_0481IMG_0479IMG_0469reef-girls-coachella-natalie-suarez-34reef-bonnaroo138reef-bonnaroo133nyfw-feb-2016-natalie-suarez-21android-wear-natalie-suarez-2natalie-suarez-paris-four-seasons-21skin-tips-natalie-2IMG_0467matrix-hair-strobing-natalie-1matrix-natalie-suarez-hair-strobing-34matrix-natalie-suarez-hair-strobing-38luisaviaroma-natalie-dylana-suarez-firenze4ever-5florence-italy-natalie-suarez-dylana-suarez-luisaviaroma-31IMG_0459costa-rica-natalie-suarez-travel-58-2269armani-air-natalie-3 (1 of 1)armani-sun-natalie-1 (1 of 1)veuve-clicquot-clicquology-natalie-suarez-81veuve-clicquot-hotel-du-marc-8vancouver-canada-natalie-suarez-travel-44-0544Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 10.14.04 AMIMG_0486IMG_0472IMG_0471IMG_0474sxsw-natalie-suarez-reef-girls-17

I love you…stay beautiful!



I certainly don’t need prescription glasses, but I find these Miu Miu ones to a perfect finishing touch to my most simple of looks. Plus, my boyfriend adores when I wear glasses for fun. Anyways, when I’m shooting, I’m always on the lookout for new spots in my neighborhood of Dumbo, Brooklyn. I just discovered this very lonely basketball court just hugging the Manhattan Bridge. It has suddenly become one of my go-to locations. It’s desolate in the winters… a calming place to sit and zen out, but I’m sure once summer comes it’ll be packed again with all of the badass Brooklyn cool kids, slinging their backpacks over the fence, putting out their cigarettes. I tend to pass it as I’m hopping off the subway station at York Street almost everyday now just to take a peek and avoid afternoon rush hour. This day I had accents again of my favorite hue, red. A Jill Stuart suede midi skirt, and darling leopard shoes by Frances Valentine. It’s nice taking the quiet route home, here in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in New York.


// Miu Miu glasses, All Saints leather jacket, Ace & Jig top, Jill Stuart suede skirt, Chanel backpack, Frances Valentine boots //



I can still hear the Christmas carols playing whether I’m walking down 5th Avenue or when strolling down the local mall. Every year and every season just goes by so fast. The crazy buzz of gift giving has finally settled, and now it’s actually time for vacation mode. Boy was picking gifts for my special someones extra stressful this season. My go-to gift every season, for any occasion actually, is fragrance. Each of my friends has a scent. My girly gal pals prefer something subtle with a floral accent for the day, and something more musky for night. The men in my life like something fresh but still masculine. This one by Armani is a mix of Mediterranean air and sun. A beautiful blend of fruit, herb, and wood. What did you unwrap this holiday?


// Armani Acqua di Gio fragrance, The 2 Bandits earrings, The Mighty Co. leather jacket //



I recently had dinner with Kenneth Cole and his team at one of my favorite spots off Bowery, The Smile. I love how much thought is put into his work… from his original writing to his attention to detail with each and every piece. Truly authentic and original. Continuing to dress NYC in head-to-toe black perfection. I fell hard for this gorgeous coat. It’s fully lined and probably one of the warmest pieces I own. Luscious. Luxurious. It’s seriously this coat against the brutal cold of NYC. You can trust this bad boy will be out again during NYFW. Maybe with a black turtleneck and jeans. Something so simple will genuinely stand out amongst the crazy colorful outfits and frozen toes in stilettos that will be stomping before street style photographers. Though it’s exciting and always a ton of fun for my sister and I, thinking about fashion month already gives me the chills. Brr! For now, I’ll be tucked away in my family’s house in LA gearing up for amazing 2017…fully re-vamped and energized. I’m ready to take you guys on another exciting adventure. It only gets better from here. I can’t tell how much I love you guys.


// Kenneth Cole coat, Ganni dress, DKNY fishnet tights, Jerome Bocchio handbag, Sabrina SL earrings, Smoke x Mirrors sunglasses, Donni Charm scarf, Dr. Marten shoes //