When it comes to home decor, the more eclectic the better. I love color, and lots of it. That’s when I know I can run to Urban Outfitters, hit the home section, and find just what I need. Beautiful dreamcatchers, candles, and tie-dye pillows. My house always has a bohemian element to it. A little dreamy, but still classic and timeless. I like when things feel undone and not too contrived. I work from my house so it’s got to have that good energy and brightness that makes me feel good. And in NYC, I make the most of my space…making every room extra comfortable. I’m always traveling, so it feels nice to jump into a bed full of pillows.

I guess you can say my home is elements from my worldly travels. Baubles, with stacks of my jewelry laying about. Printed sheets inspired by Woodstock and India. Photos from my travels. But if you really need that quick fix, and some killer new sheets or that one candle to help you unwind after a crazy day, Urban Outfitters easily does the trick.


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  1. aurora says:

    You have such a nice apartment so amazing and love the colors looks so comfy, huh Urban amazing, they never sell home stuff but only the Anthropologie stores do, anyway love to check it out love the colors.


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