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azalea38_resizedAll looks styled with pieces from AZALEA.

And here we go again, Part 2 of our lookbook collab with San Francisco-based online boutique AZALEA. Spring dressing the #SuarezSister way. Cargo and lace. Those belly baring crop tops. Every style easily mixed and matched so when you’ve got that last minute weekend roadtrip to no man’s land, you’re covered. I’ve got summer on my mind.

Get on the AZALEA bandwagon and check out the rest of the look book on the their homepage HERE.




Most of my favorite snaps are on the go, and without wi-fi. As the days got hotter and hotter on the festival grounds, the less clothes I felt like wearing. Hello swim suits as tops, and extremely short shorts. I mixed my quirkiest prints with my favorite and most perfect denim from American Eagle Outfitters. AE had everything I needed to mix and match with during my desert weekend. Aerie’s swim pieces made for some unexpected layering. Straight from the pool to the festival grounds.


// Aerie bikini top, American Eagle floral bikini top and bottom + denim shorts + denim overalls //



I’m finally getting to our last day in Paris. What felt like ages ago. Just before heading to the airport, we stumbled upon the Les Colonnes De Buren in the inner courtyard of the Palais Royal, an art installation from 1985. Hopping from stone to stone, and getting dizzy just looking at it. Especially after the hangover that comes with a true Parisian night out by the canal. Sipping on Jamaican cocktails, stumbling out the bar, just to find that the pot-head pickpocketer snatched your friend’s phone from her purse. Don’t stay out too late chicas, you never know what will happen! So to complete our French excursion, we had one last meal. Not the baguettes from the corner bakery, nor the delicious Vietnamese pho from Les Marais that I still crave, but a quick pit stop at H.A.N.D.S for a traditional American breakfast. Yes it means “Have a Nice Day.” Eggs, bacon, and toast. I guess we really are all American girls.


// VEDA leather jacket + coat, AC for AG jeans, Autumn Cashmere sweater, Aritzia scarf, Worth & Worth hat, Jerome Bocchio handbag, Jocelyn Fur accessory //



I always miss everything about Paris. The light-filled bathrooms that make getting ready in the morning that much more spectacular. The narrow streets that seem like they go for miles and miles in the distance. The rugged edges of front doors. The boys on bikes. Red wine at any and every hour. Not sure when will be the next time I will be back to this beatiful city, but I hope that it is sooner than later.


// VEDA shearling coat, Frame Denim flared jeans, Cynthia Vincent top, Donni Charm scarf, Jimmy Choo shoes //