So much of my inspiration comes from the 70’s. That mustard wallpaper on my grandmother’s bathroom walls. Those extra high waisted suede minis, cinched extra tight for tiny waist effect. Those long hooded parkas for nights running through the rain. TOPSHOP is bringing it back hardcore for festival season, and it’s my dream 70’s ensemble right within reach. Who doesn’t love a good bare shoulder?! I’m all for a neutral palette, and a swipe of my deepest red lipstick. Let’s go back in time for a minute. We’re only missing Mick Jagger.


// TOPSHOP Frill Bardot top, duster jacket, suede popper skirt, and sandals + Saint Claude necklace //


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  1. adrian says:

    You and your sister are the most amazing young with beauty and talent. The Topshop skirt is amazing as always whatever you have on is amazing anyway.


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