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Okay, so we’re getting down to it. We’re talking DATING today, and I’m actually really excited cause I think we’re all pros at girl talk here. Chances are likely you’ve heard “advice” like gentlemen prefer blondes or guys love girls who play hard to get but Wella Professionals actually just did a study with on dating and “what does your hair say about you?” that I found to be surprising (check out the stats at the end of this post). First off, they found that brunettes get most first dates (YES!) Most long lasting relationships happen to be with blondes. And that 1/3 of single men find women with bold hair color “sexy and stimulating.” That’s kind of a no-brainer. Sorry, I have to giggle. But those are the numbers. Dating, especially in New York City, is interesting. Almost all of my friends are single…or married. A few have been in relationships for years and are engaged. SIGH. Many of my girlfriends are online dating (aka, and are ready for a serious relationship. I think once you hit your mid-20’s, you’ve already had those fun flings, live-in boyfriends that hit the 2 year mark, casual dates, and loads of heartbreak. You know who you are, and who you want to be with. Oh, and you kind of have already figured how your hair behaves (hopefully!) For me, I always go for something effortless and easy. The last thing you want is for the guy to think you actually tried really hard to impress him. “Yes, I woke up like this!” Honestly, loose waves over a crazy up-do is ideal. Youthful, fresh, and sexy. The bigger the hair, the better. Who knows where your night will lead you?! Snuggled at the bar with your head on his chest? Dancing to your favorite band? Holding your breath and leaning in for that first kiss?! Dating can be hard work, but it shouldn’t feel like it the moment it feels right.

The night before a date, I’ll use Wella Professionals Elements shampoo and conditioner (it smells really good and what guy doesn’t love good smelling hair on a girl?) and let it air dry. For my ends, I use the Wella Professionals LuxeOil Keratin boost oil and let it absorb. The next day, I’ll use a flatiron and make some loose waves, before I set it with the Wella Professionals LuxeOil Light Oil Shine Spray. Then, I’ll dig my fingers into my head, shake it out, and loosen everything up. Now, that’s a hot head of hair right there. And it’s so simple.

Over my dating years, I’ve definitely learned that less is more when it comes to hair, makeup, and getting dressed. Show your pretty face and get out there. The stress is in the first moment of meeting on a date…the rest should just be magic.




I’m currently craving a salty beach and pure silence. This week is a bit of a whirlwind, and I just want to be taken back to this moment. To unbrushed hair, black bikini simplicity. Puerto Rico amazed me with it’s stunning Condado beaches and off-the-beaten path gems. The smell of fried plantain and coconut oil on my skin. The water was crystal clear. I could lay beneath the San Juan sun and listen to these waves for eternity. Leaving something so pure and beautiful feels like a sin. We woke up in our lounge chairs and ran to the water to sink in our feet. Letting the chill of the water on our toes wake up the rest of our body.

sanjuan-9resizedsanjuan-7resizedsanjuan-17resizedsanjuan-8resizedsanjuan-6resizedsanjuan-3resizedsanjuan-5resizedsanjuan-2resizedPRbeach4_EDPRbeach3_EDPRbeach5_EDPRbeach2_ED// Vitamin A swimsuit, Biko necklace. on Dylana: Wildfox swimsuit, Sabrina SL earrings //



So much of my inspiration comes from the 70’s. That mustard wallpaper on my grandmother’s bathroom walls. Those extra high waisted suede minis, cinched extra tight for tiny waist effect. Those long hooded parkas for nights running through the rain. TOPSHOP is bringing it back hardcore for festival season, and it’s my dream 70’s ensemble right within reach. Who doesn’t love a good bare shoulder?! I’m all for a neutral palette, and a swipe of my deepest red lipstick. Let’s go back in time for a minute. We’re only missing Mick Jagger.


// TOPSHOP Frill Bardot top, duster jacket, suede popper skirt, and sandals + Saint Claude necklace //




I’m all about the basics lately. Black leather jacket. Levi’s 501 jeans that I snipped the ankles off of. Navy blue duster. But it’s always in the accessories that I get funky. The Coach spring 2015 collection is all about NEON. Highlighter yellow is officially in again.


// Coach Rhyder Satchel , Walter Baker leather jacket, Rodebjer duster jacket, Levi’s vintage 501 jeans, Miista boots //