I’m always joking about what I wear. Giggling at myself in the mirror before stepping outside my closet revealing my latest wild creation. Especially when it comes to NYFW. Sometimes I’ll step outside my bedroom in high waters and giant fuzzy sweater, and it’ll be my friends screaming something along the lines of: “no, you look like Elvis Presley, but if he were a neanderthal!” before bursting into a pile of laugher. Or the pointed loafers, strange socks, and men’s blazer: “umm no, can you say Billy Jean?” Or in this case: “Alien freak. So chic.” Thanks pals for always hitting me over the head with truthful words of wisdom. Maybe it’s the oversize sunglasses, or the way this gorgeous jumpsuit shines and blasts a purple light beam wherever I turn. But it’s true, it’s certainly something that landed from outerspace.


// BreeLayne backless jumpsuit, Gentle Monster sunglasses, Jocelyn Fur coat, Woldford turtleneck, Reiss boots //

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