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Strip with Bioré

biore1resizedI’ve always been a huge Bioré fan, and their pore strips happen to be the best. Lately, I’ve been using the Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips to completely unclog my pores, and take out any excess oil. It’s the quickest and easiest way for me to clean out the dirt that builds up deep, down in your pores. The special ingredient is the natural charcoal. Works like magic. Simply wet your nose, dry your hands, and stick it on! 10 minutes later, and voila…your pores look smaller and your skin feels soft and looks fresh. I’m obsessed with this quick and easy skin saver.

I’m now super excited to introduce you to the “Strip with Bioré challenge. To be a part of the challenge, take a photo wearing the Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips and post it on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags #StripwithBiore #Sweeps. Tag 3 of your friends –there’s nothing more funny than your pals in a pore strip.  You’ll then be entered to win a trip to LA to walk the red carpet with Brittany Snow. (Full details here: Good luck!)

Check out this new video of Brittany Snow and all the crazy things she can do in the 10 minutes it takes to use the pore strip here on

biore9resizedbiore3resizedbiore4resizedThank you Bioré for sponsoring this post.

Seconds to Showtime


This season was a bit different for me. There’s always that heavy show schedule, endless drama in the front row, and countless outfit changes. But this time, I had a lot more time backstage shooting. And sometimes being behind the lens, and behind the scenes feels so good. I love to switch up, and give you some unexpected surprises. I partnered up with the incredible Wella hair team, who flew in from London, to work on these two out-of-this-world shows with their brand new EIMI products. Jeremy Scott and DKNY. Both incredibly unique, yet still stunning. I loved watching the Wella team at work. They’re all about experimenting, and playing with standout style.

Can we talk about those hand painted bobs?! Who knew these shaggy wigs could look dreamy on just about any face. And with that heavy, bold lid. SWOON. I love color. This show was incredible to shoot. Quirky and just downright fun. Silver streaks here…a splash of neon green over there. It’s theatrical and over the top. Just what I like.

jeremy8resizedjeremy1jeremywigresizedjeremy7resizedjeremy6resizedjeremy5resizedjeremy11resizedjeremy10resizedjeremy4resizedjeremy3resized// Jeremy Scott Fall ’14 backstage //


DKNY is classic. Always. And that’s what I love about the designer. Against the beautiful silhouettes, they went with something a little less perfect. A wispy, effortless look with a twist. A flattened top, with perfectly placed “fly-aways.” If only flyaways always looked this good.

dkny4resizeddkny6resizeddkny7resizeddkny12resizeddkny9resizeddkny1resizeddkny2resizeddkny5resizeddkny8resizeddkny20resized// DKNY Fall ’15 backstage //

*all photos by me*



There’s been so much excitement lately around Coach. I’m super stoked to be a part of the family! Day 1 of NYFW for me started off with the Coach Fall ’15 show…always a favorite, surprising me everytime thanks to Stuart Vever’s epic new vision, transforming this household name of a brand into something really special, edgy, and fresh. This NYFW has been so smooth sailing. Maybe it’s from experience, and learning to just chill, despite the numb of our fingers and toes. The snow has been absolutely beautiful, making streetstyle shots breathtaking. But I always have that sigh of relief the moment I’m squeezed in the front row. Anything to be warm right? I’ve been throwing this giant coat from my friend’s Chelsea store, ANTHOM, over just about everything. I loved it with my leather blue mod mini from the Coach Spring ’15 collection. Blue on blue. These princess metallic slingbacks just the icing on the cake. I’m in love with the retro chunky heel that click-clacks with every step. It’s official, the 70’s are back.

shot by Dylana Suarez

// Coach Spring ’15 leather mod dress, the “swagger” handbag, and sling shoes + shop Anthom coat //


SHOW TIME. Coach Fall ’15 was RAD, beyond words. The shearling jackets with words “WANTED” on the back. Shoulder bags stating “LUCKY” across the front. I love these subtle statement pieces. Bandanas tied closely to the neck, you’d make any biker babe jealous. It’s cheeky, but so rock n’ roll cool. I love that “don’t mess with me” attitude, given a super chic take. Hell’s angels down the catwalk….who in no way will be needing an attitude adjustment.


// photos by me //



I’m letting you in on my latest discovery: FOXIEDOX. This label just screams COOL GIRL. Now who doesn’t like to be the life of the party? They make pieces for the ultimate bad gal, like this banana yellow mini dress that make me want to shimmy and shake all night long! I was immediately drawn to it’s boldness. I love it’s boxy shape, sleek cut-out shoulders, and short but sweet hemline. I had to go wild and out by pairing it with my most rocking leather jacket and suede over-the-knee boots. A final touch of these classy pearl earrings and I’m able to call it a night. Trust me, you’re going to feel FOXIE in this one.


// FoxieDox canary shift dress //