Valentine’s Day for me is one to reflect, stop for a second, and think…what is love?! I’m so excited to be celebrating this day with Chloé Love Story, the fragrance. The tale of two lovers. For me, it’s so important to start by loving yourself, so you can fully love others, and see the beauty in all that’s around us. It’s about valuing the present moment, and embracing our flaws and quirks that make us unique. This Valentine’s Day, I’ll not only be spending it with the ones I love and surrounding myself with good people…but I’ll make sure to treat myself a little too. I always fill my apartment with flowers and roses, and sit down for a little me time as well. I love to write music, and normally, every story I’ve told, revolves around a lover. Poems that remind me of those moments that stop time…so that when I play them years from now, I can still have that feeling. Cherishing the moment. Past, present, and future.


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