Stormy Weather | Coach


The best part about being Coach ambassador is getting first look at all of their latest collections, and of course, getting to live in it. Wearing in all of their iconic pieces and taking it to the streets, giving it my own unique look. They’ve completely re-invented themselves. Going back to their roots. Incredible leather and design with a killer New York City, edgy style. From their shoes to their handbags and accessories. My favorites being these incredible shearling platform boots. They are unique, and so bold…quickly making a statement. The urban hiker has a whole lotta edge! Taking a classic winter boot and giving it major street cred. The Rhyder satchel is also a New Years staple thanks to it’s oversize shape, and perfect color-block. Easily making it my go-to bag for wherever I travel. Coach has all of the luxurious essentials with a “girl about town” flair. All-American beauty. Not to mention: the Ready-To-Wear. This dress, straight off the runway, mixes velvet with suede. The patchwork so subtle yet beautiful. A dress made for the rock n’ roll babes who love to that 70’s mini shift dress with a twist. There you have it. 3 must-haves for the New Year. A statement shoe. A great bag. And stunning minidress. With that, a girl can take on the world.


// Coach patchwork dress, urban hiker boots, and handbag //

41 Responses to Stormy Weather | Coach

  1. rossana says:

    CONGRATULATION NATALIE for being an ambassador for such a big brand, knew it that you gonna be big . Love all the coach bag and booties so perfect !

  2. sonia says:

    Love your structured face with the high cheek bones and you are so beautiful. That coach booties are out of this world the color , gonna go get one since it’s winter.

  3. melinda gomez says:

    You are so true to yourself beautiful inside and out with super personality , after meeting you several times you are so fawless love you and Coach is sure pick the right person to represent them.


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