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For me, the best part in getting dressed every morning is getting to #StartWithTheShades. Here are some images from my Sunglass Hut photoshoot and video shoot! I’m so excited to share it with you guys. It’s so true that a great pair of sunglasses can completely transform your look. I like to make my pair of shades the statement in my look. We channeled one of the coolest trends out there now: Neo Geo. Pops of color, and amazing geometric shapes. We’re talking circles, rectangles, and squares. We used loads of angular, strucutred pieces on set. Not to mention, the SUNGLASSES. This Dolce & Gabbana pair from Sunglass Hut had amazing neo-geo sharp edges. I love the extra dark lenses. Super chic.

Now take a peek. How amazing are the gifs?! We had a great team. With the amazing Raul x Mihai producing…Logan on wardobe, and Katy on hair, Chichi on makeup. Loved this team!


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Be sure to watch the full videos featured on the Sunglass Hut instagram here, and here!

32 Responses to Sunglass Hut | #StartWithTheShades

  1. aurora says:

    Love the video and you are so lucky to get all the big jobs, well cos you are amazingly beautiful and different from many models your looks and features.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Wow! The styling is awesome! These outfits are so inspiring! And the shades are perfect! You look amazing Natalie!
    I wish you happy holidays!

  3. Natalie says:

    Even though we share the same name I have to be honest. You have a cool style as a blogger but youre not that good in modeling. There are so many that look like you especially with those bangs and same blogger expressions. Im not buying it. Try to be different and create a business rather than modeling. Sorry for the brutality in my words. I can see you doing something more than this. Still you got some outfits I like btw

    1. Natalie Suarez says: Post author

      Modeling and all these campaigns actually came to me. Yes, I’m extremely lucky, but it’s hard work. Who would say no to working in one of the best industries in the world?! Thank you for constantly following!

      1. Natalie says:

        I agree! Thank you for your awesome response. Dont stop inspiring people to get in style (even though most of the things you were I think only you can pull off ) Im 5’5 and theres no way I can wear what you wear . Im sure you work hard, thats for sure. Sorry if I sounded rude. Wasnt my intention

  4. maria gomez says:

    Love to read your blog and it’s the most interesting and all the lovely latest style , you are so amazing and also read all the comments on your blog too. I am sure many are jealous of you of your style , popularity and beauty . Your beauty is so rare and not many looks like you with fantastic features , full lips and high cheek bones all natural and not fake , LOVE YOU DEAR


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