I’ve totally pulled a major Diane Keaton this past week. It wasn’t until I put it all together that I realized…woah! There’s someone from the 70’s that I can’t just put my finger on!! The lightly shaded brown sunglasses, the small silk scarf tied closely to my neck, the buttoned up coat.  Diane’s style is timeless. All I’m really missing is either a bowler hat or beret! I gave this look my very own twist with JENNYFER. This French label has all the right classics. The white coat, IT sweater, and leather pants. Whenever I’m in Paris, I stop by the store to pick up those everyday basics. So key for winter, when all I can do is layering, layering, and more layering. Now whisk me away into the sunset. The sparkling Hudson River never disappoints me.

jennyferdecember4resizedjennyferdecember5resizedjennyferdecember7resizedjennyferdecember2resizedjennyferdecemeber10resizedjennyferdecember11resized// Jennyfer white coat, “IT” sweater, faux-leather pants //

// Fendi sunglasses from Solstice Sunglasses, Miista shoes, Stephanie Podasca scarf from Antoinette Vintage, BOYY handbag //

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22 Responses to PULLED A DIANE KEATON | Jennyfer

  1. Edina says:

    Those sunnies <3

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  2. mark says:

    Haven seen in the Modern Vice shoes anymore , so glad you are not promoting that brand , such a hated brand and heard they got shut down, sad but happy lol.

  3. Alex Bashinsky says:

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