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I am such a homebody. My new place is my dream apartment, and honestly, plopping on the couch in cozy knits and shearling booties are just what I need at the end of the day. I’m currently obsessed with our printed UGG x Pendleton booties. The prints and colors are refreshing. Bohemian yet classic. I wear them in my home, on my morning coffee runs, and make sure to pack them for any winter roadtrip. I grew up with Pendleton and so this collaboration with UGG is super exciting. I was definitely one of those girls scouring vintage shops and Estate Sales, trying to find the perfect wool Pendleton blazer once fall hit. Their prints always so on point! Never going out of style. Now, I’ve got the shoes to match as the cold rush comes in. Fall to me is all about these lazy nights in, watching movies with the ones you love, and having the sunset light up our living room.

The UGG x Pendleton collection launches today…November 3rd!! It also happens to be my birthday EEPS! So excited to celebrate tonight with the UGG team.


// UGG x Pendleton women’s shoes and men’s shoes, Cameo sweater, Kind Of leggings, The 2 Bandits necklace and cuffs, Worth & Worth marfa hat //

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  1. eddy says:

    OMG love those UGG latest booties, they are my saviour love them and especially with you wearing it makes it more a must to run have another pair.

  2. Hannah says:

    I find the collaboration to be subtle and so much more exciting for UGG to produce a pair of boots that could lead astray from their classic look~ You pull off the design so well! I see all my friends wearing them~ ♡♡♡♡


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