EXPLORE // Pandora moments

I love, love to play the EXPLORER, and I’m always on the go…taking on different roles every which way I go. Whether it be traveling to somewhere EXOTIC like Malaysia and eating off a banana leaf, or just outside the city, in Montauk, surfing with the locals…I always bring my customized Explore Pandora bracelet with me. The orange beads, and quirky charms are the perfect pop of color. With the sparkling EXPLORE letters in sterling silver jingling as I walk, it’s a daily reminder to live in the moment. Seeking out new places and having fun while doing it. Exploring inspires me the most. Traveling, taking on a challenge, discovering a new city…or even exploring my very own backyard and neighborhood. Here, I took my bracelet and styled it with the ultimate party dress for the night. Rather than driving, I hopped on a bike…letting the wind blow through my hair as I made it across town. I live for being spontaneous…and taking the road less traveled.

// Featuring Pandora moments bracelet with sterling silver letters //

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