Bring back the 70’s! NYFW

I am still not fully recovered from the fashion week madness! From NYC to London, and back…with just a few hours to pack up and move into my new apartment, (I can’t wait to show it to you this lovely new abode!) I honestly haven’t really had one second to relax. This Sunday is dedicated to finally having a day to sit in bed, watch movies, and go through all the images on my camera roll. Reminsicing on all those fun and crazy moments just outside the tents. FASHUN WUUK really is just insanity. This time, I didn’t run around like a chicken with my head cut off, and was a bit more selective when it came down to my schedule. The best part of course? Whiping out that stand-out look. For me, I never stress, and I don’t follow the typical fashion week trends. No, I didn’t change 3 times a day, no, I didn’t force my feet into intimidating and uncomfortable shoes just for paps. Rather, I played with prints, and lots of it! Anna Sui always brings it in that department. This romantic ruffled blouse and skirt give a 70’s rock n’ roll vibe. And it’s oh-so-good with a nubby granny-esque vest. It’s a look that can be taken from the library to a gig. I love deep burugndys, reds, mustards, and blues all in one look. These warm hues are getting me excited for the change of season. 
// Anna Sui top/ skirt/ and vest, Chanel handbag, Worth & Worth “Natalie” hat, Sam Edelman boots //

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  1. Nathan Moy says:

    Yes fashion month can be so draining, I too need a good relax after that but sadly that’s not how it is, straight back to work and emails…. but at least this look is fabulous, the mix of texture from the knit and the pleats print is actually really cool. By the way, I just collaborated with THE OUTNET on a styling editorial shoot of four looks in LONDON, please do tell me what you think about it, it’s one of my best collaborations yet!




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