With the launch of the new DKNY MYNY fragrance, I’m giving you the inside scoop on MY New York. The bottle is gorgeous, and I love how it’s shaped like a digital version of the city. The buildings, and little pockets of neighborhoods! But most of all, this scent reminds me of what the city brings to me. The possibilites, the passion, the spontaneity. NYC has given me drive, and allowed me to be passionate in everything that I do. It’s fast paced, and everything just seems closer. At the tip of your fingertips. You have to think outside the box, stand out, and make sure to get that next taxi. It’s GO, GO, GO. But the city also allows you to breath, with the river views, museums, and park benches. I could lay in the city sun all afternoon if I could. Even within the craziness, you can find yourself getting lost in your own world. Sinked in with your headphones on or nose in your book. My city allows me to dream, and dream big. This scent goes with me everywhere. From mornings at the studio, to nights on the dance floor. My NYC is exhilirating, and forces you to be independent…to be an individual. I take on the city as if it were my runway. I can be me, every single day.
Tomorrow is the launch of the DKNY MYNY digital hub on MYNY.DKNY.COM!

With the digital hub, you can use your creativity to build a heart (like the fragrance bottle!) that visually represents your personal New York story. This interactive experience will allow you to gather images and customize them with special filters so that your heart perfectly represents all that you love about New York City. I can’t wait to share mine!

 So on the official launch, tomorrow, August 19, you can share your New York story in the digital heart and it will be prominently visible to the world-wide MYNY community!

Join me tomorrow from 11am-3pm at Madison Square Park with special guest, RITA ORA, as we celebrate the launch of DKNY’S MYNY fragrance! 

There will be pretzel carts, bus stops and city signs, along with the people that make up NYC are brought together to celebrate the launch of the fragrance and global digital platform in Madison Square Park!

Visit the the pop-up pretzel cart and  “be a part of it” by creating their own “MYNY HEART” at a  first-ever digital interactive bus stop in Madison Square Park, outfitted in LCD touch-screens. On the screens, guests can interact with the MYNY digital application to create their own “MYNY HEART”, a digital heart made up of photos from their social channels. I invite YOU to share their experience on and with the hashtag #MYNY. See you all tomorrow at Madison Square Park!

*sponsored by DKNY*

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