Yep, THEY ARE BACK IN TOWN. I love when Mama and Papa come to visit. They will be on set of this week’s shoots, with the sis and I during late night dinners, and of course, making it into all of my photos. Everytime they are in town, we go on some trip. The latest? BOSTON. My mother had it on her mind for a while, and I am SO happy we made the trip. Boston is gorgeous. It’s the typical, quaint, and beautiful East Coast city. The sloped and charming streets of Beacon Hill through the shops in Back Bay, and to North End. I think we walked the entire city in just one day! Talk about exhausting, but well, worth it. What’s not to love? Eventually you just want to sit on down with a good ol’ draft beer and soak it all in. For our last minute travels, I just packed my favorite little dresses. Fuss-free, and fun pieces. I’ve fallen madly and deeply in love with KISUA. They have feminine and absolutely incredible, unqiue shapes. I love this bell sleeved little mini dress. It’s the perfect “I’m going DANCING” dress. It’s over the top. And you know how much I love my statement pieces. I also went for the long blue dress…so slimming and flattering, that all you need with it is your favorite pair of shades, and a pair of birks. KISUA, you have made my summer nights! 
// KISUA black dress and blue floral dress, GUCCI handbag, Finlay & Co. sunglasses, Vintage boots // 
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