This week was all about the HAIR. With the Toni & Guy CREATIVE products, I got to get extra experimental with my hair. I was all about the STICK UP GUM…the STYLE SPRAY WAX…and TEXTURIZING GLUE. Allowing me to do insanely crazy and creative things with my hair! See? Even with bangs it’s not so hard to completely re-invent your hair. Here, I’m taking you from MONDAY to FRIDAY. 
5, killer, and super easy hair looks!

The tomboy layered UP-DO! Super easy to recreate.
1.Start with a half-up, half down look, and slowly keep doing that evenly until you have tied all your hair back. 
2. Rather than leaving your end in a ponytail, leave a casual loose bun. 
3. I used the STYLE SPRAY WAX to keep it set all day long, from work to the basketball courts.
4. Use the TEXTURIZING GLUE for the whispsy parts of your hair surrounding your face to either keep it back, and let a few strands hang loose.
//Dannijo necklace (similar), Stylestalker blouse, Finders Keepers pants//

Everyday my style changes, but I’m known for turning the BOHO knob WAY WAY up on my style thermometer…especially during festival seasno which is NOW. This look is extra easy to re-create.
1. Put all your hair to the side, and separate one larger chunk for a big braid, and about 3 smaller pieces for the tiny braids.
2. Use a bobby pin to safety one small braid in the back around across your forehead and PIN.
3. Don’t want the big hairbands on your little braids? I used the STICK IT UP GUM to keep the end of the braid from falling out!
//Artisan de Luxe lace dress, Love and Leather necklace//

Just once Wednesday hits, I suddenly get the urge to brighten something up in my wardrobe. With that, I’ll go with my hair and do a shocking look to surprise my friends. Yes, sweeping to a sideback is easy as pie.
1. Pin your hair to the side, and set with STYLE SPRAY WAX.
2. To make it to one side, I even like pinning half of your underlying hair back, keeping everything to one side.
Sleek, a little bit retro with the right make-up, and downright cool. It’s nice not having anything in your face!
//Sea romper//

Thursday’s the ultimate party night in NYC. It’s the night just before Friday, and you and your friends always have a little something up their sleeves! I went with a very BOLD, yet still super edgy and high-fashion look. Two very high buns! It’s super GWEN STEFANI and RITA ORA, which I love. Great for performing on stage or dancing into the night at a twinkling rooftop party. Here’s how to re-create this over-the-top look!
1. Split both hair evenly down the middle. 
2. Brush it out, and use the STICK IT UP GUM to make sure you have no fly-aways.
3. Simply twist, twist the ends and PIN to however big of a bun you want.
//Clover Canyon dress, DANNIJO necklace (similar)//

It’s Friday afternoon, and you’re gearing up for your weekend driving through the Hamptons, and straight to MONTAUK. You’ve traded in your skinny jeans for a Hawaian printed romper, and perfected your side pony. Here’s HOW-TO.
1. Brush and sweep all hair to the side. 
2. TEXTURIZING GLUE will keep all flyaways down.
3. HEADWRAP. Anykind. Throw it on head-down to avoid messing up your perfect pony!
VOILA. The easiest to create for our lazy Fridays, and complete in literally 2 minutes!
//Lovers & Friends romper, Forever 21 headwrap//
The TONI & GUY CREATIVE products are now available exclusively at TARGET (click here for a $2 coupon). See the #TONIGUYCASUAL looks on Ivory Lane. Now, that was fun wasn’t it?! 

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