Dylana and I were shot here for NATIONAL SIBLING DAY, featured in line with our other 2 favorite sisters, DANNIJO. These images are long overdue considering National Sibling Day was on April 10th! WOOPS! Anyways, here is to my older sister, DYLANA SUAREZ…one rad and incredible girl. Love you big sis! She inspires me every single day to think outside the box thanks to her creativity and the way she envisions the world. Her rule? LIVE BY YOUR OWN RULES. She really is my other half. Shot in Brooklyn by our friend Kelsea Kosko, we draped ourself in DANNIJO jewels. Adorning ourselves in jeweled chokers, and luxurious cuffs. The more you layer, the better. Definitely the most shimmery chicks on the block that day. Their intricate and colorful stones is what lead me to the Dannijo ladies…Danni and Jodie! They know how much I LOVE, LOVE color! My favorite wear to sport such statement pieces is against a classic white tee,  extra ripped black jeans and a boyish bomber jacket. This time around, I’m letting the jewelry do all the talking. Who knew that just an earring could make you feel like a brand new woman.

Read our interview on DANNIJO here 

//DANNIJO jewelry, W Concept neoprene jacket, Stolen Girlfriends Club velvet jeans, Quay sunglasses, Stela 9 handbag, MODERN VICE creepers//

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48 Responses to SISTER, HEY, SISTER

  1. Carelia Moran says:

    I have two sons around your age, and every time I see you too, I think about if they were girls, I would want them looking like you both. You look wonderful ladies.

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