With us just being on the cusp of summer, my wardrobe color palette has turned slightly more light…my fabrics more airy (we’re talking purely COTTON and LINEN) that you could leave them to dry in 2 seconds in the backyard. The creamy beiges, and pale pale pinks. The sprinkles of turqoise and blue, mixed in with a warm grey tones. This was was all about TILLY’s. I grew up with this shop in California, and forever, they’ve held the brands I’d take from the beach to the street, the labels you’d find off the Huntington Beach boardwalk, to the cool curbs of Santa Monica. Volcom, Billabong,  VANS, Element Eden, to name a few. All of whose style and aesthetics have grown up as I’ve grown up. I’m happy to give them a whole new ROAD TEST. Shot here, in the mossy green parks of my East Village, NYC neighborhood. The cracked brick and wooden benches just ideal for a look made for cuddling in a park corner. There’s nothing better to ring in the new season than with that fresh smell of GREEN. NOW, I’m currently taking my #TillysOOTD on my roadtrip here to the lovely and scenic Connecticut. You can find more of my looks on: Instagram
//Tilly’s Blue Pepper blouse and Billabong pants, Grey City boots//
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