Meet DYLANA SUAREZ// Pandora Essence Collection

Dylana Suarez is my older sister of 3 years, and one of the most inspiring women in my life. My best friend, and honestly, the COOLEST chick you will ever meet. A photographer, a stylist, writer, and an incredible singer…her blog, Color Me Nana will only give you the sneakest peek into all of the gifts she has to offer. Color Me Nana is what inspired me to jump onto the fashion blogging bandwagon, and honestly, I owe a lot of what inspired NATALIE OFF DUTY, and the crazy journey that came with it, to her. Everyday for Dylana is a way to get dressed and feel amazing. Her ecclectic and downtown style showed through even when she was 5 years old in ballet class in Santa Monica, California…always the one in the colorful tutus, always had the coolest dress in class with the little white socks….till now, living the dream in New York City….Brooklyn giving her bohemian roots a bit more edge. She’s got the Janis Joplin vibes down pact, but it’s her play with colors and jewelry, and the twist of her luxurious long locks that separates her rocking style from the rest. And there’s more to love! Her kindness and honesty is something you can’t shake from her. Instantly, you’ll want to be friends with her fun and “anything goes!” personality. She’s one to always go with her gut, and follow her heart. 
Dylana takes the PANDORA Essence collection, and chose to layer 2 bracelets of beads. In designing her bracelet, she went with all colors of the rainbow…each bead a reminder to love life as it is. 
Dylana’s PANDORA ESSENCE bracelets:

COURAGE: “The courage bead means a lot to me because it represents something I have truly grown into over a long period of time. And currently I feel like I am able to recognize my courage, as well as the courage in others that inspire and influence me in positive ways. It takes a lot to build up the courage to take leaps and to even accept yourself as who you are at your root and to be able to stand up for that without any wavering. 5 years ago, I never would have thought I had the courage to up and move so far away from home, but here I am today, cozy as can be in one of the craziest cities in the world, and I am so, so happy. The path to get to wear I am now had its ups and downs, and it definitely took courage and the belief in myself to be able to stand up on my own two feet and let them take me to where I was meant to be, and because I wanted to be there. Courage is all about trusting your gut and following your heartGo with that and the rest will follow. I’ve always believed that.”-Dylana Suarez

LOVE: “This bead means the world to me because it involves everything about life that I love most and could never live without. My family, my friends, the new discoveries I make every single day, and the work I get to involve myself on a daily basis that stirs my creativity and passions fully. Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. It makes us happy. It makes us sad. It makes us everything in between. It’s every possible extreme. It tests our limits, stretching them far and wide at the most unexpected of times. It keeps us on our toes. It makes us think twice. Or it makes us not think at all. Without love, we wouldn’t make the connections in the world that we do. The attachments that help us grow as an individual, as a companion, as a significant other, as a leader . . . as anything you want. The love of my family and friends is biggest part of my life, and the drive behind all my pursuits. Without love, there is no such thing as passion.”-Dylana Suarez

FREEDOM: “The freedom to be who you are and proud of who you are. This means so much to me. I’ve learned a whole lot about freedom and embracing the freedom that I have in the world today. Not only in a general sense, but in a personal sense. The freedom to keep expanding and learn new things and to meet new people with the same sense of freedom within them. The freedom to not be tied down to just one path, but to explore all the different ones. The freedom to be your entire self, no matter what the situation. Just recently I have sort of become a free bird with my career, quitting my full-time, 9-5 office job for the freelance life, pursuing the creative projects I’ve always wanted to focus on. I’m finally always on the tip of my toes and creatively fulfilled. This freedom to pursue many passions all at once means the world to me.”-Dylana Suarez

HOPE: “Ever since I was little, I’ve always been the hopeful type. Nothing could ever fully let me down because I saw the potential in everything to come around and flourish. Be it my friends, a plant, an experience that maybe never came full circle. Being hopeful was always just the way am I am, and it probably will be how I always will be. I do now understand how hope can sometimes be misleading, or blinding, but still I like to know that I can have it there to keep me company when I need it most. I’m definitely very hopeful when it comes to romance and love. Gotta be hopeful, especially in NYC, when it comes to the day my true love comes along.”-Dylana Suarez

ENERGY: “The energy of a person and how you can read and connect with it is so interesting to me. My favorite thing about meeting new people and souls is learning how I vibe with different people. I always try to fill my life with people full of positive energy that comes through their actions, words, confidence and passion. Being around this sort of energy, especially working in a creative field, is super inspiring me. I like to compare good energy to that of a perfect summer day. It doesn’t take much to put a smile on my face, but this is at the top of my list. “-Dylana Suarez

BALANCE: “My entire life I’ve juggled a lot of different things. Finding that right balance of work, social life and passion projects have always been sort of a mini struggle for me because I’ve always felt myself spreading myself too thin. This past year I have really worked towards that goal of finding that perfect balance, not just for my sanity, but for my physical health and overall wellbeing. With balance comes breathing room and extra space for creativity to flourish because there is more focus. Finding that balance feels much easier now that I am an adult because I know more of what I want and how I want to achieve my goals. Today, my balance consists of working towards creating beautiful imagery for people and myself, the ones I love most in my life, exploring what is around me and the world, and taking care of my body. I feel very good about this balance right now.”-Dylana Suarez

all photographs by Natalie Suarez

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