Macy’s THE NEXT STYLE STAR episode featuring judges: Natalie Suarez + Whitney Port
Host: Jeannie Mai
My latest addiction is the new MACY’S The Next Style Star show…and it was incredible being a style judge alongside Whitney Port, for a few episodes! We’re a few episodes into this competition, and my first episode appearance is officially out now!
This episode takes our two NEXT STYLE STAR contestants, both California natives, Jasmine Vo and Melinda Choothesa, in a SHINE challenge, inspired by a shimmer eyeshadow, and matte-lip make-up look. With that, they were allowed to scour the incredible MACY’s IMPULSE collection with our  amazing host, Jeannie Mai (such an incredible ball of energy!), and create one standout look for their models…each accentuating the metallic SHINE trend. Both of these girls were literally so amazing, and it was SO, SO hard to choose one winner. Their drive in this competition made it all the more exciting for Whitney and I to see what they put together. So much passion and love for what they do. As a stylist, you definitely have to know your “girl.” Who are you styling for? It an event? Is it an editorial photoshoot? Both girls were spot on with who their MACY’s Impulse girls were. They both have their very own aesthetics and visions…in both an editorial and streetstyle/wearable way. It was so fun meeting these creative ladies and getting to see how they played with the MACY’S Impulse collection. Both looks were very city chic and super on-point with the metallic shine trend that I’m such a fan of!

Watch the entire episode to see the winner…who will receive a $5,000 reward and also a step into the final stage of the competition.

The show is my addiction, and I keep watching for episode after episode. Watch the SHINE episode here to see the winner!

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  1. Panty Buns says:

    Congratulations on your “THE NEXT STYLE STAR” debut Judge Natalie! You were fantastic – a natural television celebrity. I thought your fashion analysis and stage presence were superior to those of your fellow STYLE STAR judge Whitney Port. The Macy’s Impulse Collection looks diverse. It must be difficult to make decisions on outfit pieces within such a short time frame. Congratulations again and kudos for your on-camera judging.

  2. Stefanie Lauren says:

    LOVEEEE that youre working with Whitney, shes so sweet and you will make a great team! Look forward to seeing more! Was with Jensen a few weeks ago and made sure to get Whitney a pair of Modern Vice!!


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