(H&M Conscious Exclusive blouse and jacket, AG jeans, Vintage CHANEL backpack, Ax+Apple necklace, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x MODERN VICE” Arianna FREE PEOPLE boots)

I now totally understand why I think of last summer at VERSAILLES, France when I look in the mirror. It’s the beige, it’s the embellishment, and it’s the FLY LIKE AN EAGLE wings of my blouse. It’s very Victorian and I can just see it in the modern-day closet of Marie Antoinette. The H&M Conscious Exclusive once again has blown my mind. It’s exactly the type of collection I’d wear on stage with my guitar. The sleeves allowing so much movement. The jacket so heavy thanks to it’s intricate details, it glimmers in the lights. I wish I could just place it in a glass box just for show, it’s THAT good. I happily took my two new favorite pieces out in neighborhood with classic black skinny jeans and little scarf around my neck (I took an old headband, tore it apart, just so I could wrap it around my neck). And no other shoe is more flattering with a good ol’ pair of jeans: our JETT Modern Vice boot design. Especially our latest Free People exclusive, which ERIN WASSON was just seen sporting yesterday. I’M CURRENTLY DYING WITH HAPPINESS that I had to wear my pair today. More on that soon.
For now, go gah, gah over H&M’s conscious collection like I have. Launching APRIL 10TH! 
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