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Me Undies tee, women’s brief, french terry sweatpant, and socks 

It always comes down to the basics. Pieces you can curl up in bed with, have a late breakfast in, and live in, day in and day out! That’s when Me Undies entered my world and let me breeeath COTTON and comfort. I’m such a tomboy when it comes down to it. I love a good women’s brief undie (I have these in every colour!!) and the perfect terry sweatpant. Complete with the classic white t-shirt and high sock. Together, it’s a match made in heaven. Oh, and it can still be sexy too. Trust me, your boyfriend will appreciate your effortlessly cute undies! I come home from a long day of work and this is my uniform. In the morning, I’ll even wear these sweatpants out with a good ol’ pair of kickass boots and just throw on a leather jacket over my shoulders. Here, I’m shot at home, under the covers. Bare. On a weekend. I already miss you, red ombre. My brunette ends are back, but I’ll still be waking up to a fresh pair of Me Undies everyday. Plus, they’re only 20 bucks a pop. I’ll take one of each please!

Shot by Jordan Adoni

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Feautring Vintage Shoe Company “sophie” boots and BORN “charmaine” loafers// Joie trousers
More and more images will be release this month in celebration of my campaign…from rugged suede boots to the perfects stiletto. I’m a riding boots type of girl, so you will always find me a good pair of broken-in suede motoboots, for the streets of NYC, or the gigs in Austin, Texas this festival season. OR, I go completely opposite…slipping into a colourful loafer, complete with tassel and all! The city in the spring is made for flats to take out with either a lightweight pant or flowing dress. Here, I’m styled in some of my other summer essentials: the turban headband to beat the heat, a silk blouse and pant, and great chunky jewelry (i’m already looking into the perfect arm bands at the moment!) The bohemain vibes of me always come out in the spring. (Bring on the kimonos and buckled boots!) Or, I’m tailored and extra simple. Button-down blouses, and a good summer trouser. Either mood leaves me with a good swipe of black eyeliner, and some silky waves in my hair complete with just a little shake !
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Natalie// NOE Undergarments “alfie” silk jumper, “peter” bralette, “ryan” silk bodysuit, and “ryan” silk bustier and panty)

NOE Undergarments is my latest obsession! When the designer sisters, Bonnie and Shelah (the sweetest and most chic TWINS you ever meet!) gave Dylana and I the idea to shoot SISTER STYLE, of course we thought it’d be the perfect fit. We gave their beautiful silk, luxurious pieces a little personalization, with our classic hats, fur vests, and chained jewels. But honestly, the pieces alone make enough of a statement. I’m obsessed with the neutral silks, against the pops of white and orange pieces in the S/S ’14 collection. Can you say THE PERFECT BRALETTE?! I’m just a bralette girl, and theirs fit like a glove. Their intricate designs and perfect little details…down to the stitch and clasp scream amazing quality. You can tell these beauties are all MADE IN THE USA. Yep yep! I wore their bodysuits with my favorite blue jeans, and their bustiers and panties with just a simple loose cardigan, topped with a vintage hat. I can’t wait to take this white slip out on the town this Spring. This shoot made me realize sometimes it’s more about what you put on first, than the finished look. I love you NOE, and can’t wait to see my favorite twins again. 
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(Missguided (missguidedus.comtrench coat, knit sweater, and midi skirt, Cole Haan backpack, Dr. Marten boots)
My sister, Dylana and I, were out and about working like crazy, capturing all of what NYFW has to offer. Even though we were party pooped, we were super stoked to be MISSGUIDED fashion week ambassadors…meaning CUTE, CUTE CLOTHES and massive amounts of fun. The insane outfits, the crowds and the shows, the GOOOOOD food. 
For me, it was ALL about the midi skirt! (Sadly, my red ombre will have to be gone for my upcoming shoots, but it was STELLAR during this rock n’ roll fashion week!) It was like bringing my inner punk child to life. This MISSGUIDED black shiny A-line midi is so classic, but also has that rockin’ vibe when paired with a chunky pair of Doc! I kept the rest of my look very classic. I think a trench coat is a NYC staple, for year-round. Especially with the rainy days this fashion week! Every girl should have one of course! This one has a beautiful fur collar, and I love it against just a pale pink sweater. With a square backpack in hand, I could pack everything for a long day out on the town, with my schedule in check. Now on to the shows!
There comes a point where your brain turns to mush and you don’t quite exactly remember what you did the day before, but flipping through my camera, each day flashes back to me…the click/clack of the lights, the women squirming in the seat beside me, the beaatttts from the runway, that rush you get when you see something so extraordinarily beautiful appear right infront of your eyes! The pros: Zimmermann, COACH, Nanette Lepore, Diesel, Nanette Lepore, Joie, Kenneth Cole…and then there are the newcomers….Creatures of Comfort, Saunder, and soo many more that make me want to grab the clothing right off the runway! All of which inspire me each season to continue to appreciate the art that goes into every single piece. The runways give you that perfect 5 minutes of feeling like you’re in a different place…whereas with the presentations, I love coming up close, seeing every little details, and every stitch in a piece. Where you can really think “beautifully done baby!” Now gimme that.
Dylana Suarez in MISSGUIDED loop knit cardigan and monochrome tribal dress

“Dressing for fashion week is so a grand time. You get to really explore your boundaries when it comes to thinking up cool combinations from what we already have in our closets. Natalie and I love to share during NYFW, too. It gives us the fun feeling of having a brand new closet to work with. This shaggy jacket is to 1960s boho love child and the print on the dress is so mod. The combination is like an explosion of my favorite decade. I couldn’t resist.” – Dylana Suarez, Color Me Nana

Late nights out…to extra early calltimes to the show actually begins to feel normal during NYFW. There are too many things to do and people to see to rest. After NYFW I normally just need a major vacation! Just lather up on the eye cream, and drink loaddss of water. Especially after that last glass of champagne. 
We love scouting out all the dramatic fashions surrounding Lincoln Center, but what we appreciate most is seeing all the impeccably dressed people other parts of the city. Spontaneous and down-to-earth fashion is what we’re all about, whether it’s fashion week or just another random Tuesday in the city.

Pizza pit stops in the city happen at least a day. It’s quick,easy and never a let down. We made friends with one of the pizza shop owners. He loved us so much that he kept offering us free slices to go, knowing how us fashion girls get hungry on the go. Now that’s the way to do it!
The Westville Chelsea is one of our favorite weekend brunch spots in Manhattan. Not to mention its super cute and sunny feeling. Their poached eggs on kale salad is divine. Stopping in for a hearty yet healthy meal before a long day of fashion shows is the best way to fuel up.

I had toooo good of a time as MISSGUIDED‘s NYC girl this whole fashion week! It was literally like the stairway to heaven. I’m ready to take this midi skirt out on the town yet again!

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