(Etnia Barcelona sunglasses, Bluma Project scarf, Eternal Sunshine Creations plaid shirt, H&M vest, MiH jeans, GAP gloves, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x MODERN VICE” Free People “arianna’ BOOT)
THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY! I’ve got an hour till I’m back in the studio for work, and managed to squeeze in a little TGIF loving. Oh, how I miss the city snow! But luckily, I haven’t found the need to shove gloves into the bottom of my handbag. Instead, I’ve been living in these blue oversize shades and sloppily getting snow all over our Free People JETT “Arianna” boots! WOOPS. Anyways, I love a blue POP against a clear, white snowy palette. I opted for extra long and loose plaid layers, and my favorite blue jeans, managing to take a moment to peek into this beautiful Nolita park that I walk by almost every single day, yet it’s always fenced off and untouched. It’s where I’d sneak to late in the night to watch a “movie in the park” on those hot summer days, leaning on a tall statue. Just this once it happened happened to be open to the public over the winter. With the statues and lion heads stared at me from all directions, I plopped down with a friend on the stone bench and looked up into the clouds. Seeing blue and all.

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54 Responses to STONE COLD

  1. Lainey says:

    Must be so exciting living in New York. There’s actual weather going on, rather than this summer we’ve been experiencing in LA. And every where you turn, is an opportunity to take a picture. SO beautiful. Love love love this outfit.

  2. Carrie says:

    Just a fun fact: those sunglasses are a very special Color. They are International Klein Blue, which was created so as to try and maintain the glossy color that paint has while wet, when dry. The color also happens to be my favorite actor’s, Eddie Redmayne, favorite color.

  3. Nahomi Garcia says:

    I loved this outfit , i specially liked that long plaid shirt or is it considered a jacket as well ? i dont know aha all i know is that i like it!
    sadly i feel like i am too short for something that long unless i get it cut
    but i loved how it looks on you, amazing style like always [:


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