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(UNIF “Die Poser” sweater and “Lore” hat, Stolen Girlfriends Club neoprene jacket, 7 For All Mankind shiny jeans, VANS SK8-HI sneakers, Alfie Douglas UK handbag)

There is honestly so, so, SO much I love about this UNIF sweater. DIE POSER. So good. Just what I want to wear when I’m walking around the crowded streets of NYC and everyone thinks they’re the coolest thing on the planet. “Hipster” and “Chic” being key words around town. All you’ve got to do is stand dead-on…spread your arms with “Die” written on my chest (tongue out optional), then walk away…”Poser” drawn down your back. I love a good cheeky sweater arriving just before nut-so fashion week to keep me sane. Plus, it’s so darn cute, I wear it with everything. Here, I took it out with the equally badass UNIF “Lore” hat and the most amazing feeling jeans known to man. A little shine for a rainy day. Plaid, black skinnies, and of course a classic VANS sneaker is all I need on a busy work week. NYC is SO cold that I’ve been literally dreaming of treehouses, Malaysia, and summer all night…dreading having to layer on an itchy wool coat the next day struggling to keep warm. All I really feel like doing, is curl up under a down blanket in the middle of the week. A girl can dream. 
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The rock n’ roll era’s been taking over my wardrobe. Fuzzy vintage sweater, Made for Pearl fringe bag, round Wildfox sunglasses, and oversize coats (Muubaa coat on sale)
Morning delicates! Adore Me lingerie, Warby Parker shades (similar), Pedro Garcia sandals
Saks 5th Avenue eyewear campaign! Coming Soon!
Current scent: Juliette has a Gun eau de parfum
Pillow talk. Ax + Apple “naja” ring, Lacar Studio skull ring
Farfetch photoshoot coming soon! I’ve got on my Calvins!
Plaid and punk is on our minds at the Modern Vice factory! Shop our Plaid JETT boot now!
In the center of the Garment District in a Ralph Lauren vest, Joe’s Jeans blouse, and J Brand ripped jeans!
Just another manic monday. Wish it were Sunday. No, but for real. So much work to do before the madness of fashion week takes over the world this coming month. February is bound to be extra exciting. The blogosphere gets into hyper mode and super cool (or absolutely crazy) looks are found colorfully roaming the streets. The parties are crowded, your feet hurt, and you’ve spilled champagne on your friend’s coat. It’s those days you accidentally bump into Karl Lagerfeld in Soho on a Tuesday. Charge your cameras…or erm, cellphones baby. I’ve got some fun projects up my sleeve come February.
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(RVCA cardigan (on sale HERE), Dolce Vita blouse, W Concept skirt, Camper boots, Elizabeth & James cuff, Cuyana scarf, Alfie Douglas UK handbag)
There’s nothing like the combination of a long duster cardigan over a super full flouncy skirt. It reminds me of Molly Ringwald…my old school silverscreen stars. Casual elegance, but oh so schoolgirl cooooool. Rich browns, delicate white lace, and a good maroon leather skirt. With the weekends, I trade in my oversize shoulder bags for the little drawstring bag sent straight from cloudy London. Lately, I’ve been swamped with work and see myself grabbing this skirt anyday of the week. It’s the perfect winter piece, when I’ve got my skinny jeans are in the wash. Here in NY, we’ve all be hustling about in the rain and snow…doing as much indoors as we can to bundle before heading outside in the freezing cold. I feel like we’re in Alaska or something…but we sure didn’t prepare for the winter! Suddenly Uber is my new best friend and I’ve been losing beanies and scarves in the car per ride. Why thank you New York!
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Today is all about the art of the selfie. In celebration of the launch of the film, Vampire Academy, in theatres February 7th, the characters SUCK at selfies. So I’m here giving you a FEW tips on the perfect selfie.
STEP 1: Okay, it’s selfie time. You’re bored, you don’t really know what to do. Best you’re somewhere where nobody isn’t really watching you. Because you have to admit, selfies are awkward and just so not fun more of the time…IN PUBLIC. So let’s sayyyy, you go to the bathroom. Ugh, it’s unattractive and you’ve got hairspray bottles lying around. EVERYWHERE. So there you go, to the seclusion of your own bedroom and a blank wall. Pretend my nerdy WORLD MAP isn’t pictured. So, you stick your tongue out, and end with a pout…and you’re STILL dissatisfied with your photo opp. Time to brush up a bit.
STEP TWO: Lipstick. Something! You need a little color on your face now don’t you! Time to touch up. And you can’t really go wrong with a fun hat. People love hats! Here, I took my chapeau cap for a ride…well, ya, you know what I mean. Feeling a bit better about your selfie now don’t you? Things are looking much, much brighter. Now that you’ve got you lippy on, a cool cap, and a sick moto jacket, it’s posing time. Don’t get tired of yourself just yet!
STEP 3: Okay, you’re tired. You’ve got on your lipstick, your hat does covers up the end-of-the-day mess of hair…and you STILL can’t get a good angle. Maybe some jams will help along with some REALLY amazing headphones. They’re always a hit..oh, and you’ll feel a tiny bit better after that 30 minutes in front of your “i hate you now” cellphone. It’s been staring back at you for too long.
The selfie is complete. And believe it or not, it’s the best you’re going to get!!
Now, stay tuned for what the gals at Vampire Academy, the film, have up their sleeves. It’s bound to be a chock-full of fun! I’ll see you at the theatres! Truth is…they suck at selfies. 
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Vampire Acadmey launches…February 7th!!

Wearing: The “Natalie Suarez” Worth & Worth hat, Eleven Paris leather jacket (on sale here), Lacar Studio ring

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