(Lauren Moffatt dress, APC coat, French Connection faux fur scarf, Worth & Worth “NATALIE” hat, GAP leather gloves, SOXIETY cashmere socks, BC Footwear creeper shoes, Chloe handbag)
Gosh, this day was literally one of my favorites. Who knew a California native like me would totally be head-over-heels, HAPPY HAPPY, in LOVE with the NYC snow? When it’s a snowday, I prep myself. I don’t wear snow boots, I wear creepers. (As long as they have grip right?!) I won’t wear the usual beanie, I wear my very own navy blue chapeau hat. There’s so much to love about the snow and yes, I love getting dressed for it in unexpected ways. Right now, all I really need are these cashmere socks and a killer knit dress. Lauren Moffatt, you really do no wrong. I left my apartment early that morning, planning a perfect Saturday in Bushwick with Dylana. I was walking down Bleecker Street when the snow just began falling. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. Glove off, cell phone in hand…snapping away. Once I got to Brooklyn, it felt as if a heavenly pillow landed on the ground. Everywhere was white, all in that 15 minutes I was on the train. Bushwick was quiet that evening, and we snuck into the back of the bar at Tutu’s…a hot cider calling my name. Exactly where we went photobooth crazy. Those are some of my favorite little snapshots. I’m forever keeping those tacked onto my wall. Christmas time doesn’t get any better than this.

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58 Responses to SNOW SOLDIER

  1. Sparrow Lyn says:

    Natalie……… are fearless with your dressing, even in winter! Canadian winters are harsher so I just carry my fancy shoes with me and change indoors ! Nothing can stop us !!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring !

  2. velvettovagabond says:

    Love your outfit!!

    I remember when it snowed a lot in NYC!! It was so much fun! We were let out of school early! My friend and I went to Central Park (We looooove it there) and ran around and then made cinnamon buns at her house! Oooohhhhh I jus looooove the snow!

  3. Sabina says:

    I’m partial to boots but I love the idea of creepers in the snow. They’re also pretty practical in terms of not letting their wearer slip in the rain or snow. And fab outfit. It’s not easy to look put together in this kind of weather. Glad you and Dylana had fun!

  4. Hélène Heath says:

    Dude, you seriously make a girl question her hatred for winter in your amazing cold weather attire. Truth be told, i’m a sucker for this type of snowfall as well… as long as it all occurs before NYE – after that, your cali-girl self will be cursing it just as much as the rest of us. I was shooting in Central Park that day – it felt like a snow globe. Magical.

    Happy holidays, Natalie. xx

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