(W Concept hat, Forever 21 cardigan/ top/ skirt, Ax + Apple ring, Richer Poorer socks, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x MODERN VICE” classic JETT boots)
It’s nearing the holidays and already I’m snuggling up in the fuzziest of all in my closet. A perfect plaid cardigan to layer with…and of course, the Russian hat, my newest obsession. Everyone leaning in to constantly feel my sweater. Currently working with Forever 21, and they always bring out that fun, youthful, REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE vibe in me. With some cropped stripes, and mini leather skirt…it’s that laidback, THROW ON AND DON’T LOOK TWICE, look you’ll find me wearing lounging on a chair on my roof on a clear skied day. Or just what I’d wear with a good pair of stockings to the skating rink! Eskimooo style. The very highlight of the week of course was my boyfriend’s HUGE Modern Vice/ Klingbeil skates ice skating HOLIDAY BASH. Never seen so many of my crazies on the ice at Central Park’s Wollman Rink all at once. With performances from top Olympic skaters, I got some killer videos in slow-motion, and of course, a pretty amazing workout! Now we’re all so, so ready for a long weekend…one of birthday parties (and an exciting shoot) before loads of work to jam in before a very much-needed Chrismas getaway. Can you say CABIN FEVER?! Here it goes!

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