(W Concept hat, H&M vest, Paul & Joe Paris sweater, Hudson Jeans moto jeans, Cleobella satchel, Ax+ Apple silver ring, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” classic JETT boots avail now at Urban Outfitters)
The W Concept team knew this little furry hat was one of my favorite items on set of our lookbook shoot. Such a sweet surprise to come home and have it in my own hands. The perfect Russian hat of my very own!! I put it on right away and couldn’t take it off all weekend. I don’t know how I would survive winter without this badboy. Already, I’m home in NYC after a week of traveling, and the cold already has me suddenly sniffling and constantly drinking tea. I’m back to LA again this Friday and NO WAY JOSE do I want to get a cold, especially when I travel! I’m keeping super snuggled under this oversize wool sweater. The sleeves so incredibly huge, a long wool vest was the only thing I could actually wear over it. Now it being one of my favorite looks. Paired with moto jeans, and our classic JETT boot (also now available at Urban Outfitters!!!) I think I’d probably survive a day out in Alaska. THE LAST FRONTIER.

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