(Wearing an ARTISAN DE LUXE vest, denim shirt, and jeans and “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” CHLOE BOOTS)
Talk about such an incredible party! I had the pleasure to host the ARTISAN DE LUXE event right here at the brand new Soho store at 10-12 Crosby Street…one of my absolute favorite streets in all of NYC. For their grand opening, we had all of Lower Manhattan dancing to the music, and popping endless bottles of champagne. I made sure every one of my friends met Philippe Naouri…the French designer behind Artisan De Luxe. He’s so amazing! What’s so funny is he casted me for his campaign shoot about 3 years ago, and it’s amazing to see him again, newly based in NYC!  How time flies is insane. Oh, and it seems my boyfriend and Philippe really hit it off (talk about new BFFS/boycrushes hehe!) The clothing sticks true to their rock n’ roll, bohemian vibe, though they are all still totally “pieces you’d wear over and over again daily.”Their basics are perfect for layering, and the vests and jackets are totally lustworthy and luxurious. It’s as if you’re having this incredible Johnny Depp/ Kate Moss vision once you step in the shop. I mean, shouldn’t they still be together?! Everything for the rockin’ n’ rollin’ timeless look. For the night, I went for a full-on DENIM ON DENIM look. I mean, that’s what Artisan is all about…their incredible denim and embroideries. I could have been in Woodstock in the 70’s for all I know. This jean is the best. A classic light blue jean with beautiful stitchings at the ankle, is now my new favorite jean. Paired with a washed light blue shirt, I thought I’d go all out and choose this ombre fur vest to throw on over it. This little guy is definitely going to be my snuggle buddy all winter long. There’s just so much beauty in the little details in the clothes. The only thing to do for the night was have The Stones, Patti Smith, and Johnny Cash’s voice echoed through the store. Thank you Chelsea Leyland for always putting us on cloud nine. And thank you Artisan De Luxe for having me…yet again! 
Visit the ARTISAN DE LUXE soho store at 10-12 Crosby Street, NYC, and shop all my favorites!

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  1. Ivana Džidić says:

    you’re right…ypu could have been in Woodstock in the 70’s…there is that vibe for sure…freedom, bohemian sort of relax attitude and style.

    Thanks for sharing the photos, they’re really precious. Everyone looks so stylish!


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