(Wasteland flared pants, Morning Warrior tee, Wildfox Couture sunglasses, Jenny Bird earrings and handbag and serpent cuff, Modern Vice “carly” boots, The 2 Bandits cuffs (similar)
Who doesn’t love a good pair of flare?! This one is covered in a sheer paislee print and I’m addicted….oh, and actually long enough for my height. Wasteland, you did me good. Shot by my sister in Brooklyn, she always makes me feel a bit more like a rockstar…her being a total hippie herself. I love you Dy and I miss you! I’ve been seriously getting into earrings lately. These were handed to me from the lovely Jenny Bird, and I cannot take them off. Sadly, I’ve left them in my apartment back in NYC. Right now, I just had sit-down home-made breakfast in my family’s LA abode…filled with fresh raspberry pancakes and coffee. The sun completely brightening up our family room. I love being home, even if it’s just for this super short while. The heat here is killing me though!! I’m going to be off to Venice for a shoot later this evening, and I’m pretty excited to prance around the beach in nothin’ but swimmy’s and woven hats! Stay tuned on what’s goin’ on here in LA LA LAAAAND! I’m ready to just be a beach bum tomorrow with all my LA women. x
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49 Responses to KISS THE SKY

  1. Tori Cott says:

    Those pants are amazing! I love the post title. It’s funny–whenever my boyfriend would sing Purple Haze on stage (he’s the lead singer and guitar player of his band) he’d sing “Excuse me while I kiss this guy” And no one noticed cuz it was so subtle. But it was our little secret and it always makes me laugh:)

    Much love,


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