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The Striped Pantsuit

I’ve always, always wanted a pantsuit. Something that’s easy, a bit slouchy, and just so darn rad. This baby arrived in the mail as a surprise and I fell in love. It reminds me a bit of Annie Lennox and Bianca Jagger, but just a little bit more relaxed. And can you believe the boyfriend prefers when I dress like this? Completely tomboy and classic and without a touch of makeup? I, on the other hand, are a cat-eye girl, a like that little swipe of eyeliner every morning! Here I’m snapped by the roof garden, finding color only by the flowers lining the wall. The skies were grey with a slight drizzle, and my hat acted as my umbrella, the only thing to shield to my face. Now, the city’s super hot and you can find me in nothing but teeny tiny little dresses, walking through the city with a glistening face thanks to the humdiity. I like it that way. This short week has actually felt really long…I find myself falling asleep on the couch long before I realize I should probably get myself to bed. TGIF right?
Today I get to see all my favorite babes at DKNY, shooting for “Be Delicious” and PUREDKNY Fragrances! They’ve got me playing stylist all week, and I’ve been finalizing our last minute looks at the headquarters. Here’s to a good Friday!! 
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Sleepy Roadtrip

(Element “misha” dress, RVCA denim jacket, Jenny Bird bucket bag, Modern Vice “Carly” booties (email to PRE-ORDER), Worth & Worth panama hat, Vanessa Mooney dagger necklace, Kirsten Goss cuff)
Roadtrips are what I live for. Sleepy girls in the backseat. The new Nationals album on repeat, soothing my mind. With the window down, the humidity glistened our faces. We were headed for East Hampton. It’s my first time venturing into this beautiful place. Everything seems white. Next to the post little restaurants happen to be charming island homes…the wood chipping off the roofs, and perfect little black shutters. So much green! More green and mist than I can handle. It was gorgeous. Just before the rain started to dampen our nights, my sister and friend made our way out back….where we were staying was surrounded by a quiet field of green grass and mystical trees. Blowing bubbles, Dylana and our friend were enjoying our time playing on this new land. With the whole city dressed in casual and linen-y neutrals, I instead, wore a zig-zag little mod dress! Slit sleeves and all! This little number could have been straight out of a 60’s film. My Panama hat kept flying away but luckily I always caught it along the way! Eventually we got tired and watched the rain from our balcony. Our hotel was lined with portraits of the ocean and seashells. All I really wanted to do was put on the bikini and head to the beach. If only I packed my wellies…so I could head out onto the beachy sand in peace.
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Kinky Kinks

 (Joie silk bomber and skirt, Chaser Brand “The Kinks” tee, Jenny Bird bucket bag,Vanessa Mooney “dagger” necklace and serpent ring, Kristen Goss silver cuff, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” CHLOE harness bootie)
There are always those moments I catch myself sitting on the edge of my seat, biting a nail, and checking my calendar on my phone. Lately, there’s been so much going on that honestly the only time I find myself sitting down is when I’m here, reflecting and catching up on everything that’s been happening. I feel better after writing. After figuring out what tomorrow will be, jotting down my random thoughts, and making lists. I’ve just gotten back from a wonderful, yet insanely crazy Memorial Day weekend, and though these types of weekends are supposed to be relaxing…it was another, “let’s not stop, and keep going” type of things. 
We ended up in our adorable humbled abode in the East Hampton before seeking refuge in gloomy Montauk. The rainy storms left us cuddling up inside, and watching the waves outside our windows for most of the time, you know, before we went out to get our dance on. Our boyfriend was our guide and my sister and our friends were the loud chicks in the backseat. We brought along enough outfits to last a month! Here, I’m snapped by the boy with my sister just by my house in the East Village. Reds and mints have lately been dominating my Spring wardrobe, along of course, with piles of band tees. This time? THE KINKS. Cropped and purple, it’s a sweet little contrast to the beautiful and classic pieces I picked up from Joie, just before hosting their NYC event. Light silks are really all I can handle at the moment. 
Oh, and a completely new boot design is hereeeee!!! (see, that’s why I really don’t get much sleep!) The Modern Vice JETT collection is getting new height, and our Chloe bootie with the removable harness may be one of my new favorites…get it while you can babettes!
I’ll be back to shooting two exciting upcoming campaigns for Fall ’14 this coming week, and hopefully getting the much needed ZZZZzzzs. Instagram will surely provide some sneaky peeeeeeksters! 
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Crisp Sea Air

Crisp Sea Air by natalieoffduty featuring T Paterson surfboard, Friend of Mine “Mick Jagger” tee, BLK Denim high waisted jean, DKNY baseball jacket, Dolce & Gabbana bandeau striped bikini, MARNI two-toned sandals)
Surf Needs

We’ve got our car all packed…now all we need is to pick up snacks for the drive up, and gather a playlist to jam to before we’re off to East Hamptons and MONTAUK, one of my favorite little getaways. I’m ready to curl up at the beach house, and walk the gorgeous streets with beautifully lined homes against the water. I always come back to the city refreshed and even more inspired than when I left. The girls have just awaken in the living room, and we’re throwing in all our necessities in one giant suitcase. The neon swimsuits, the teen tiny denim shorts, and band tees. All simple pieces that we don’t really care to get a little sand on. I live for that Dolce & Gabbana swimsuit, and of course the AERIN Lauder Beach Creammy current addiction. I slather that baby on every morning for a super subtle color and some shimmer. It looks like there may be some showers once we get there, but my boyfriend still packed everything we need for the beach. We’ve got the towels, our swim trunks, and umbrellas. I mean, it’s way more fun going out and getting wet on our roadtrip, and dancing in the rain now isn’t it? 
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 Looks like it will be a weekend we won’t forget! Happy Memorial Day babes, see you when I’m back!
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