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I had one of those early mornings where you’ve just arrived back from Coachella, and all you can find in your suitcase (that’s not completely hippie-d out) is a great pair of high waisted black and white trousers. And yes, it was most definitely a stripes day. I was in such an LA groove. Having just left Smashbox Studios after a full day of meetings and catching up with all my West Coast folks, I was off to West LA to meet my friend. I creeped into the back of the bar, and there she is sitting, and we are both in black leather jackets and nearly the same striped trouser!! Our jaws dropped, before we burst into laugher. Who knew these babies were so darn popular on the West Coast? I love em. These happen to be Kenneth Cole…just a bit of my NYC wardrobe brought to the West Coast. Snapped out in Culver City, after what felt like the longest week of no sleep, I ran into this gorgeous red-orange 65′ Mustang, just bringing life to the small, tree-lined street. Talk about so CALIFORNIA. So Red Hot Chili Peppers. So very much something my mom and pops drove around in back in the day! Suddenly I became nostalgic. Those quiet, yet sunny and happy LA streets. Riding in cars with boys. I’ll always be a California girl. 
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