It’s A/X LIVE!

(Armani Exchange dress and metallic denim jacket)
I just got back from Miami, and after all that traveling, I am literally super exhausted, but I’ve still got a looong Friday and weekend ahead! I already miss the warm Miami rain and getting to run around the beach in nothing but a one-piece swimsuit. I was in town for Armani Exchange, and I have to say, I had an incredible two-nights, celebrating their Music Lounge at the W Hotel. Top DJ’s were in and out of our A/X area for interviews, and I met some killer people before the performances. The day’s special guest was Tiesto, next to many other gigs by the pool. I had no idea that Miami was so hot! With a touch of humidity, it was heaven. I’d spend my nights out exploring nearby retro hotels, and early mornings having breakfast on our deck, before a full day of music. Festival season, I love when you come around each year! I packed light, with only a few little A/X dresses, a pair of chunky boots, maxi-skirts, and that adorable metallic denim jacket. Everything I loved, and it’s no wonder that all pieces are approved in Italy by Giorgio Armani himself! Eventually I stripped down to just a one-piece bikini, and snuck away to the beach for a little zen time, and one beautiful view. My first visit to Miami was pretty epic, and I’ve got loads more to show you! I miss those late nights sitting under palm trees next to the hotel’s neon lights. Currently back to work in NYC, and freeezing!! So ready for a weekend to rest, and get over my never-ending jetlag. 

Btw, when you spend $250 at the Armani Exchange South Beach Miami store, you get a pass to their W Hotel Music Lounge, and believe me, you’ll love it!

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