Taper Jeaned Girl

I gave in, I’m now wearing tights under my skinniest of jeans during the day, yet trying not to give in to hibernation at night. I can feel the chill down to my bones! Anyways, I’m become a sucker to the cropped camo jean (well, cropped on me), and little oxford shoe. Say hello to our newest creation, the VINTAGE BENNI shoe, aren’t they rad?! Every step feels that much cuter in them. Lord knows we’ve got some cool things cookin’ up at the factory. Paired with a western fringed blouse, and brown toned coat, I feel like driving out far away to the mountains or something, to huddle by an outdoor fire. A girl can dream right?! Anyways, it’s back to the NYC grind just before what is lookin’ like a crazy busy February (oh, and fashion week). Bring it on. 
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  1. Katieli says:

    I’ve been doing that too. I NEED to wear tights under my pants when its 12 degrees out.

    Love this look by the way. wish my legs were long enough for pants to fit me like that. my legs are so short, pants always bunch at the bottom. 🙁


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