Factory Party 2012!

This may have been the best night in NYC to date!! We’re talking dancers, magicians, jewelry by the amazing Andy Lifschutz, and of course the special musical surprises. The whole secret was that I was hitting the stage with the one and only Gambles, aka Matthew Daniel Siskin! We rock n’ rolled to classics by Fleetwood Mac, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, and of course, ended our set with some last minute Johnny Cash blues. It’s my first time performing in the city, and for hundreds of people! I went with a floor length Junim tie-dyed dress and necklace, vintage jett boots, and a curly vintage coat from Cloak! All the factory lights were changed to neon orange, the showroom became a disco ball, and I don’t think I’ve seen so many amazing people all in one place. Most importantly, I got to spend it with the ones I love. The Suarez sisters do it again. I don’t know what I’d do without Dylana, she’s my other half! A crazy video of the night and our performances to come!
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