Debbie’s Coat

(Lauren Moffatt top, Ebk Eyewear vintage sunnies, Vintage jacket, Sienna Ray bag, Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren//Cloak & Dagger shorts, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” VINTAGE JETT boots)
I am back in California and honestly it felt so so good to drive down from my home in LA down to Huntington Beach, like I always did, with the Stones and Doors blasting. Dad, you taught me well. With some old school stripes and a bright green varsity jacket, I was ready for a day out in complete LA style…picking up in-n-out, before cruising down the coast. I only just realized today that “Debbie” was imprinted on my sleeve. This special little thing became mine in an east village thrift shop and I can’t take the darn thing off. Debbie must have been one cool cat back in the day. I love how this one piece can bring back so many memories of high school. The football games, the climbing over fences. I’m suddenly nostalgic. This happens every time I visit home! Anyways, I made a plan to hit up all my west coast hot spots today, including a visit to the family over at the Volcom headquarters, to pick up gifts for all of the boys in the house! I’ve missed surf city like no other. 
After just one day here, soaking in some SoCal rays, I do have to get packed up tonight for an early flight to San Francisco!! I’m managing to get all my work thrown in just before Christmas. I have to admit, I do need some sleep before tomorrow’s shoot and our huge Modern Vice shoe event at Rand + Statler. The Golden Gate bridge is calling my name. I’ll be back soon LA!
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