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A Magical Year!

Natalie Off Duty: About Me
 “I live for those unexpected adventures. Being able to jump into a new year, and conquer anything. All the craziness makes you a stronger person. Throughout my career, I’ve always just lived in the present moment. The best is to become inspired, and immediately turning that moment in time into something beautiful…a picture, song, or artwork to always remember.” – Natalie Suarez

Never did I think that 2012 could top 2011, and it actually did. Every year seems to top the last and honestly, I feel like pinching myself. And every single year, something completely unexpected has happened in my life, and for the better. Most importantly, I’ve got to share all my wonderful experiences with my family and friends, who have been with my since the beginning, and of course, I am so thankful to have had all of your incredible support through it all! I’m lucky to have such rad readers! So many of my dreams are now reality, and just by doing everything I love, I got to travel the world…from moving from LA into my own apartment in NYC, to exploring all my dream cities, from London, to Paris, to Morocco, to Barbados, and back! Places I never ever thought I’d visit. Oh, and picking up some killer pieces along the way 🙂 This past year has been magical. From shooting for all my favorite brands, to our huge release of THE JETT, to being featured as Bazaar’s “new girl” of the year, I’m just so so happy that I got to jot everything down here, and continue to inspire and be inspired through work and life. I love you guys, I want to wish you all good health and success into the new year!

 I cannot wait to celebrate tonight over good music, and good people. I’ve got a little black, velvet frock that was a gift from my sister, just for this evening. I can’t wait to do a little spin and ring in the new year! 2013, I cannot wait for you to begin!


Village Boots

(Lauren Moffatt cape, Raven Denim “Doris” jean, A+RO sweater, Marie Turnor handbag, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” BENNI BOOTS)
With the snow, I’ve finally had time to stay in a little bit this weekend. Dylana was in town, and we spent hours jamming in my apartment, perfecting the songs I’m currently writing for DKNY Fragrances. Two more months till I’m back in studio to record these babies! Even with the sudden chill and crazy wind, that still didn’t really stop us from going out! A quiet, calm day in, turned into a wild night at a burlesque show (talk about wack) along with some of the best margherita pizza in the city. Finally, we were able to just relax down in the village the next morning. Yep, we even made our way to our favorite NYC boutique, Cloak & Dagger…where all of our “Natalie + Dylana x Modern Vice” BENNI and JETT boots are on display in the store window. These babies are our lives, and I’m not quite sure how I’d survive without them. Here I am in the oiled suede Benni, as Dy wears her JETTS like a true hippie…daisy-patched jeans and all!
For now, take a peek inside our Modern Vice x Cloak & Dagger campaign video, featuring everything from our JETTS, BENNI’s, and C&D exclusive, the VINTAGE JETT boot!
Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I cannot wait to celebrate! 

Inside Gisele Japan January ’13!

Ever since my feature here in Gisele Japan’s latest January ’13 issue, all I have on my mind is Tokyo. Their magazines are mind blowing, and I can spend hours flipping through, looking at all the colorful images.  Much love to Gisele Japan for the lovely feature! These are all images from some of my recent travels. From my weeks exploring London and Paris in chunky black Dr. Martens and JETT boots, before making my way back to NYC in all colors of our latest Modern Vice shoe design, the BENNI. When I’m in London, I wear tons of black, camo, and of course, gotta have my hats! Clearly, my black little Supertrash hat remains one thing I never leave home without.

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To Will’s Ranch

 (Harlyn blouse, Vintage coat, Hudson “Nico” Jeans, Vintage Chanel bag, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” JETT JODPHURS)
 I’m jumping a bit forward here, skipping a few moments through Christmas, to my last day in LA. I love when Dylana is the photographer. Always she takes all of my favorite snaps. I really wish she would pursue photography more…this babe knows her stuff! Anyways, this was a very special day. Dressed like a woolly mammoth thanks to my newest American Rag xmas present, we hopped in my car, and drove to the one place I always go to escape, the top of Pacific Palisades, to Will Rogers Park. We go, we run through the green grass, and hike breathlessly to the top like kids, just to get that view of the Pacific. I’ve been coming here since the day I was born. No joke, I was looking through our baby photos, and there we were. My dad, being an LA native, always knew the best places to take us. The 4 of us together can do just about anything together, and have fun, whether it’s peaceful or crazy. I already miss my mum and pops!! Can you believe my holiday’s nearly over already and I’m back in NYC? I had a shoot just 2 days after Christmas, and yep, I’m back to work here on the east coast. Looks like I’ll be having a real city New Year’s Eve! I’m excited for what’s to come this next year. I thought this year couldn’t top the last, and it did…2013, you’re bound to be incredible. 
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