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No Sleep in Paris

 (Vintage cargo jacket, Free People tunic, Dylana’s scarf, J Brand jeans, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” JETT boots)
Dylana and I definitely made the most of our days in Paris. We woke up extra early to coffee and croissants before jumping on the Metro to explore the beautiful city. Just the night before we were up in Bastille, making friends with the locals and playing the tambourine with a French band. I don’t know how we managed to get up this morning, but we did, even getting a glimpse of the Seine river sparkle so early in the day. Compared to NYC, Paris has a calmness to it. People can sit for hours facing the street just to people watch and everyone rents bikes to get around. There are just too many little things about the French that I love…including their simplicity. Therefore, I kept my wardrobe very minimal. Our JETTS fit right in! Right now, they’re still covered in dust from the Luxembourg gardens, and I don’t dare clean them. It seems weird, but I just want to keep just a tiny bit of Paris with me everywhere I go! Paired with my favorite pair of skinnies, and a mix of printed layers on top, it really is my favorite travel look. Thank goodness for Dylana’s scarf, which helped shield me from the Paris rain. We were shivering by the time we ended up at the Louvre Palace, but the trek was worth it. Louvre is stunning. Everything just seemed to glow more when it was wet. The open space, the incredible architecture, and not to mention, everyone running and ducking for cover in the rain, made the moment even more amazing. There are still many stories I want to share…I’m getting there, I’m getting there.
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IN STORES NOW: “Natalie Suarez x Volcom” Holiday ’12 Collection

Campaign photographed by Dylana Suarez
And it is here! The “Natalie Suarez x Volcom” Holiday ’12 collection! With designing this collection, the Volcom team and I had lots of sparkle, tuxedo collars, and chiffon on our minds. It’s something you can easily take from a chiller afternoon at the skate park with your boys, to a living room jam session on New Year’s Eve. Our core colors? A pastel pink, a royal blue, and heather grey. We wanted them to be pieces that are a spin off our most popular pieces from my Fall ’12 collection, including the pretty high-low skirts, and box-y blouses. Featured in some of my favorite magazines like NYLON and Foam, I couldn’t be happier with our collaboration. I can just see the Volcom girl pairing these pieces with colorful, quirkly layers…topped off with heavy leather and denim jackets for that rough “girl on the go” edge. Lord knows the Volcom girl is one tough cookie, and believe me, nothing gets in her way. I’ve always pictured her as one who can be in any situation, and make it worth while. And what better than during holiday festivities to wreak some havoc?! We’ve been working on perfected these pieces at the Volcom HQ for months…and I’m super excited once again, to see girls walking down the street in my pieces.
Take an even closer peek into my Holiday campaign shoot, shot by our favorite photographer, Dylana Suarez, during a snowy day in Philadephia, PA. 

Read the whole story on Volcomunity!

One Night in Paris

(A.P.C. coat as a dress, White+Warren striped sweater, H&M hat, Thrifted sunglasses, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” JETT boots)
Yes, Dylana and I did one night in Paris during our Europe adventures and it may have been the best last minute decision we’ve ever made. Taking the Eurostar from London at around 5 in the morning seems crazy, but it was totally worth it. We arrived super early in the morning as the sun was rising (more on our day adventures soon), but honestly, there’s nothing better than the moment when night falls over Paris. Suddenly everything is a peachy gold, you can see the Eiffel Tower, and the sun’s reflecting off the rim’s of countless cute bicycles. I brought one coat to Paris, a classic wool A.P.C. coat that buttoned up, turned into the best little Parisian outfit to date. With a hat, it reminded me of the French “Madeline!” You know, that cute little Catholic-school girl from that children’s book we all know and love? Yep, Paris has got me smitten. I’m even in love with seeing people walk in and out of bakeries just to grab one baguette, that I almost walked in a bought one myself, just to say I did it. 
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DKNY: Be Creative, Be Delicious

All I have on my mind right now after returning back to the city, is my current project, representing
DKNY fragrances!  This is one of the most exciting projects, I honestly need to pinch myself. I am dying to tell you more. 
“Be Delicious” not only represents the city that’s welcomed me with open arms and captivated me, the scent is light and refreshing year-round. I’m all for an understated, light, touch of scent spritzed on my wrist before I step out the door each morning. I like when it’s something you can smell only if someone comes very close. My boyfriend is honestly obsessed with it as well! Here I’m snapped early in the morning down in Soho. I love the quiet cobblestone streets in the a.m…how the sun lightly bounces off the never-ending rows of streets…how the buildings reflect off the bottle. It’s magic. 
Right now, DKNY and I are working on inspiring the next ad campaign, and we’re giving you a chance to recreate a fragrance campaign of your own through Facebook!
Time to get creative! We’ve already had many amazing entires! Here is how I picture it…grasping something so great and powerful, like the Big Apple, just at the tip of your fingers.