Summer Overalls

(NTICE overalls dress, Stylestalker tee, Vintage Shoe Company “Covington” boots, Marie Turnor handbag, Ax+Apple necklace, Boostcase cellphone cover)
Wooooo! I am finally home after what happened to be a very, very long weekend! I’m taking this rare and quiet moment to recharge here in bed, before another crazy work week. It just hit me how much I’m never home, so I’m very much looking forward to hitting the sack before my bright and early calltime tomorrow morning! I’ve also noticed that by the week’s end, I crave thrifting adventures with Big D and Turtle T in Williamsburg…oh, and I continually salivate thinking of the Korean bbq/classic tunes combo over at Dobeki! New York, you surprise me with all your little hidden spots and always keep me wanting more. For these days bouncing up and down the city like a little kid in the Big Apple, I think a mini-overall dress was the only way to go! 

72 Responses to Summer Overalls

  1. Jessica W says:

    Overall dresses are the bomb!
    I love coming home when the thrift stores haven’t seen me in a long time. I can never thrift when travelling because I don’t “know” the stores. When I come home the thrift stores have soooooo much new stuff
    The Lovelorn

  2. Norbyah says:

    oh, i love that overalls dress. but my favorite is always your jewelry. i love korean bbq so i’ll have to try this spot on my next trip to the city. i’m sitting in the airport in korea (ha!) but i haven’t seen korean bbq here.

  3. Run With Fashion says:

    Love the overall mini dress, really cute. I love the outfit, kinda reminds me of the 90’s, I love your necklace real cool, love the backpack and loove the booties! ♥
    I also love the pics, and the korean food looks yum! 🙂

  4. Miranda says:

    i love it! i’ve been looking for overalls all summer but i haven’t found anything that hits the spot correctly. i know your sis was looking for overalls as well!



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