Polyvore x SWAROVSKI Contest: More than a Feeling

More Than a Feeling with Swarovski: Anger
Starting today, I’m hosting the
How adorable is the Swarovski figurine? This cute little crystal guy is currently sitting by my laptop, always sparkling off the sun. Releasing steam, it’s a daily reminder to take things easy, and sit back during my always on-the-go lifestyle. For me, music the best way to release any kind of tension…and I like being able to turn something bad it into something good. A story that I can keep forever. Even just strumming simple chords gets me feeling better at the end of the day and takes my mind of things that make me upset. My perfect look to take the stage: high waisted flipped out skirts, crop tops or torn rock tees, and flat black boots made for kicking and dancing. Topped off with a swipe of black eyeliner and a killer guitar, nothing can really stop you at that point. 
Enter the Swaroviski + Polyvore “More Than a Feeling: Anger” campaign by creating your own set on Polyvore with the figurine…and showing what look you’d wear when and how you release some steam! Contest ends the 19th! Continue to follow me on Polyvore to see what else I’m currently in love with. 

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