Monthly Archives: August 2012

Dewy Days

(Free People dress and seamless romper, Ax+ Apple choker, “Dylana + Natalie Suarez x Modern Vice” JETT boots)
Maroon and yellow may just be the best color combo yet. When I laid eyes on this floor length crocheted dress, I knew it was the perfect piece to pair with our yellow Modern Vice JETTS! First time you’ve seen these bad boy’s styled huh? I’m pretty stoked to see how those who purchased their yellow pairs style them too! They certainly brought a little sunshine to the dewy, rainy days of Philadelphia. Dylana snapped these during an early morning walk around an old cemetery…I swear I was the only colorful thing on the whole block. So yep, I now have custom JETTS in black, oxblood, AND yellow. The cherry red is just one pair I drool over when I’m at Dylana’s house. Will be spending the evening handwriting notes to all of our JETT girls before our next batch is sent out from the NYC factory. It’s going to be gooood. Labor Day Weekend, you’re just hours away…

The Cherry JETT

We’ve created the “Dylana + Natalie Suarez x Modern Vice” JETT boot in cherry red and it’s becoming one of my personal favorites! I love seeing such a bright hue when I look down at my feet! Kiltie, buckles, and just the right amount of studs, we’ve created our dream everyday boot. It really is the shoe I’ve fantasized wearing on a tour bus, to travel the world in, with just jeans and a tattered tee-shirt. Our handmade-in-NYC-boot came out perfect and I couldn’t be happier with these beauties. Now, I’m just stoked for fashion week, and taking my JETTS out and about in NYC and London. I swear the more I wear them, the deeper I fall in love with them. 

Limited edition, the JETT boot is available to purchase in cherry red, burgundy, black, and sunshine yellow! 

Girly Intimates

(Free People Intimates skirt and top, PinkLola bracelets)
I guess it’s okay only in the summer time to wear intimates out. I’m obsessed with this frilly little Free People Intimates skirt. With oversize rock tanks, I like how the shimmery pleats just peeks out from underneath. Will be wearing this baby under just about every tunic I own, and not just because it brings out my inner girly-girl.

On or Off

Yep, I haven’t really had a vacation this summer, but I’ve made the most of my on/off duty days. Whether it be piggy backing through the city or picking up inspiration at the local thrift stores, my pals and I can spend hours out and about every weekend. I’m forever on a hunt for mini-mini dresses and cool band tees. But being on set in fall wardrobe has got me back into those grungy beanies, nubby sweaters, and long skirts. It’s no surprise to find me bouncing around the city after work with big, messy locks. Ahhhhh, New York, you really do rock, but I’m still planning a mini-escape! London and Paris are calling my name this September after fashion week. Flights are booked and I can’t wait. Who knows, maybe I’ll gain a little accent along the way.