Monthly Archives: July 2012

Weekend Girls

Us girls know how to use our weekend days wisely: concerts at the Piaza, endless thrifting extravaganzas, and many late hours spent entranced by old episodes of Gilmore Girls. Philadelphia, why are you always the best place for a quick getaway? Not even the rain got in the way of us having fun! Coming home with completely soaked boots is just part of the charm. Anyways, I always end up bringing a little something something back to NYC. This time, a tiny little blue frock I picked up at the moving Snowbird Vintage motorhome, sleepy eyes, and of course…some killer memories.

Wrapped Around my Waist

(Levi’s vest and shirt/skirt, Stylestalker tee, MAKR backpack, Pennyroyal Studio anchor cuff, Fortune Favors The Brave double cuff)
I’m currently sitting in my sister’s dining room in Philly…everyone is still asleep and I think it’s going to rain. Fishtown is always strangely quiet and calm on the weekends, but I like having this slow, rare pace. Traveling here is just a whole other story, especially when you’ve taken the Greyhound! But they always say “the road is better than the in” now don’t they? Anyways, I’m clearly going through a backpack phase. This happens every summer. For biking, for concerts, and everything else in between, you’ll find me lugging this thing on my right shoulder. I swear it’s that grunge vibe to Philly that gets me wearing 90’s flannel shirts as a skirt, and men’s denim vests. Classic All-American weekends, I adore you.

The Scenic Route

I’m craving another road trip before the end of summer. Trekking through island lush, getting stuck in the rain, braving the ocean winds. It’s all the crazy things, and people you meet along the way, that really count. And when you’ve got a suitcase of bold colorful prints, and a hilarious crew to boot, you know it’s going to be a chock-full of fun. I’m hitting the road this evening…Philly is my next little stop and I honestly can’t wait.


(Vintage tee, Ainsley skirt, Pour la Victoire sandals, Tusk “Tin Soldier” wrap bracelet, Ax+Apple necklace and cuff)
Mmmhmmm, the classic Bob Marley “Survival” tee is back. A piece borrowed from a friend, she says it’s lucky. Maybe it is! It’s literally been worn to shreds, but I guess it’s okay when paired with something a bit more refined, like a flowing red maxi. These colors of Africa will never do me wrong. Reds, yellows, greens…all tribal shades to dance in…colors that will forever remind me of this summer.