NEW LOVE: Jewelmint “Boutique”

(Free People sweater, Target pants, Sienna Ray bag, Pour la Victoire sandals, Jewelmint bracelet, Jewelmint Boutique belt)
It’s pretty rad to be one of the first to take the new Jewelmint Boutique collection out for a spin. The little gold belt screams chic and easily transform the simplest of outfits. When I got these pieces in the mail, I was so clueless and spent ages trying to wrap this belt around my wrist, before I found out what it really was.  But no, really, the “Boutique” pieces can be worn anyway you like which is pretty amazing…their funktionality is what makes them unique. But you get my drift, I blame my schedule for making me scatter brained! Work is packed till the end of the month and all I can think about is a vacation. A small trip to Philly is coming up this weekend (you know how those go…insane in a good way) and another exciting adventure to good ol’ Chicago next week. Part work, mostly play and a hell of a lot of fun. I have some other cool travel news to share, but I’ll get into that next time. Now, where’s the nearest Target? These royal blue trousers I plucked from my friend’s junk box blow my mind. 

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