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Chicago Beaches, I love you

(Johnny Was blouse, Hallelu denim shorts, Vintage Boots Company “Covington” boot, Wanderlust+Co bracelets, Rebecca Minkoff bag)
Chicago, I miss you so much already! Dylana and I found ourselves completely zoned out by the cool water of Oak Street Beach. Lake Michigan, you really are a stunner! I was in town just for a day’s shoot, but the whole 3 day’s stay felt very much like a week. We barely slept! We stayed out late over at the dive-y bars of Wicker Park while mornings were spent overlooking the water in hopes of gaining some color. All I packed were lightweight, easy pieces like this Johnny Was embroidered tunic, and little denim cut-offs (yes, I wore them nearly everyday). I found Dy in and out of little babydoll frocks each day. See? Killer weather really makes getting dressed ten times easier. Right before our flights back to NYC, we hit the beach one last time…I came home with sand in my boots, in my hair, and just stuck to my skin. At least I brought a bit of the Midwest back home with me!

See by Chloé Resort ’13

I’ve recently been working closely with See by Chloé and I couldn’t be more in love with this French fashion house. It’s cool to represent the brand, take all of my favorite pieces from the new Resort ’13 collection, and really just get to make them my own. A messy head of hair, a swipe of red lipstick, and all of my favorite jewels. I remember someone in the office saying this season is “Chloé does Coachella!” So now I see why working with them has been the perfect fit! Lord knows that’s my jam. Snapped up in Chelsea Arts Tower the collection felt very me…maybe because it was all inspired by California…Venice beach to be more specific, where I was born. The dreamy colorful knits, leather, and classic shapes feel fresh and have this youthful and playful vibe I swoon over. Now I’m just figuring out which pieces I’ll be adding to my wardrobe in September! (photos by me and Lizzy at Chloé)

Under the Sea

(Evil Twin dress, Vintage Shoe Company “Covington” boot, Vanessa Mooney/Wanderlust+Co accessories)
I don’t know how I’m awake right now. My flight back to NYC from Chicago last night was 3 hours delayed…I’m super exhausted and yeahhhh, I’d still be in bed if I didn’t have work so early this morning. Just another reason to fill my closet with “throw-on-and go” pieces like this little Evil Twin number. The side details remind me of the ocean, and what better than sport it around Fishtown, the grungy little city in Philly. Fishtown is literally painted with all sort of colors, images, murals, everything you can name. There’s art hidden everywhere, and if you look closely, you’ll find it. Anyways, I wish I could write more, but I literally have to leave for work! Stories from Chicago will be shared shortly! Somehow, every city I visit always take a bit of my heart. 

In the Heat

 I’m pretty stoked to have traded in NYC’s sticky heat for Chicago’s cool breeze…even if it is just for 3 days! Our hotel is right on the water, overlooking Lake Michigan, and I’m in complete summer mode (luckily all I packed were denim cut-offs and tiny dresses). The more people I see out and about with their tanned legs and beach towels, the closer I am to running to the nearest swim shop and buying that bikini I completely forgot to pack. I’ve got this Saturday off and I plan on hitting Navy Pier and showering my evening with grunge over in Wicker Park. I like it here.
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