What better than to attend a barbeque than in some amazing 80’s inspired oversize jeans? These by Citizens of Humanity blew my mind the moment I received them in the mail. Their high-ish waist and straight, wide legs made me feel a whole lot like Jane Birkin…one of the coolest chicks in all the land. I was on the rooftop overlooking the Hudson River, along with my folks over at BARIII, squinting all afternoon in the sun. My friends and I sat cross-legged for hours, talking nonsense, twirling flowers into headbands, and wishing the day would never come to an end. The terrace smelled of grilling burgers and burnt bits of corn on the cob. Smokey, purely delicious, and so worth leaving with the scent of barbeque in your hair.

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  1. Tanya Sol says:

    when i was looking at pictures i almost smelled all the scents you described. you are very pretty and jane birkin style definitely suits you….oh God i’m dying for a burger now after your post, it’s lunchtime and i promised myself that would hold on to my diet, want to get in perfect shape before my hols in august )), but i think i willl succumb to the temptation


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