Nordic Chic: Hosting the ECCO Event!

I got to revisit a little bit of Scandinavia…yet in the heart of NYC! I just hosted the ECCO shoes event and it was the perfect way to gather all my friends and kind of bring them back to my ECCO trip in Europe. Glimpses of footage from the trip were lying around every where: images of the team and I trekking through Amsterdam, heading out into the snowy countryside to visit their tannery, and even hilarious video footage of our last-minute flight to Copenhagen for their Walk in Style runway show.  Basically, we celebrated Scandinavian style with hearty beers, too much food, and of course, there I was bouncing around the building in the “Sculptured 65” boot, which are basically a black patent ankle boot that can easily double as running shoes (they’re that comffffyyy). I’ll show you more soon, they are out this Fall! Always, always, I’ll be a huge fan of simple Scandinavian design!

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  1. Yuriy L. says:

    Hi Natalie,

    Thanks for commenting on my travel blog. Looks like you have a nice one as well! And this is coming from a guy very removed from the fashion industry =)

    Your trip to Scandinavia sounds fun. I only traveled to Thailand, Costa Rica, and Southern China so far, so just posted about those. My gf is into fashion so I got some of her pictures up there too.

    Best regards,


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