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Sneak Peek: Volcom Holiday ’12 Design Collab Photoshoot

A lot of my time has been spent planning my big Volcom Holiday ’12 design photoshoot! For my Fall ’12 collection (in stores June), we shot here in NYC, and so we were thinking of something new and fresh for my Holiday ’12 line. First thing that came to my mind was, “how about we shoot in Philadelphia?” Home to my sister and our fave photographer, Dylana Suarez, we immediately started gathering material and location scouting in the city. What I love most about Philly is the grungy-ness. The historic buildings, torn-down walls, and just relaxed yet edgy vibe gave us exactly what we wanted to work with. They worked well against my pretty, Holiday designs. Getting to play creative director on this entire project with Volcom has been amazing. Everything from working on my collection, to modeling, styling, and creating the ad campaign with the Volcom team has been a dream project. Our marketing director flew out from sunny southern California for this shoot and she snapped these behind-the-scenes snapshots for Volcomunity. I felt like we kidnapped her and took her to the crazy east coast…and of course, to one of the most unique cities I’ve ever been to. Philly is kind of my second home now!

What started off as a snow blizzard, we thought…”heyyy, it’s a Holiday shoot…snow will be cool!” Luckily, just as we started shooting, the sun came out, but there was massive amounts of wind. It was freezing, but we managed just fine! Philadelphia is home to many amazing artists, including my personal favorite, Isaih Zagar, who happened to be walking his dog as we were shooting! How adorable is he? Thanks so much for our whole team including Dylana and our music blogger, Cheryl for being such troopers! My Volcom Holiday ’12 collection, in stores September, features some really beautiful dresses, sparkle tops and skirts, and everything else that’ll jazz up your holiday parties. Everything is what I call “understated luxury.” Stay tuned and follow everything on!

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Hot Pink

The more I travel, the weirder I get with style. Never fully packed, I always end up just throwing a bunch of layers on…anything for warmth basically. I’ve been at my sister’s for the weekend and didn’t really pack a coat and so I’ve been swimming in this giant camel coat that I stole from her closet (shhhh). I like how oversize it is! I sort of feel like a little boy in it! Though I lean towards tomboy looks, I’m still a sucker for color and anything to brighten up the day with my new favorite colors: fuchsia and a hot, hot pink. On the lips (this shade is by Estee Lauder)…on the pants…it’s all the rage and I’m loving it. One thing I never forget to pack, on the other hand, are my basic rocker tees. I recently ordered this Velvet Underground tee from the new Junk Food Classics collection, which I’m obsessed with. Their softness and perfectly distressed prints get me every time.

Today, I head back to NYC. It’s always bittersweet. I just love my Philly friends too much… Currently packing while listening to my Rolling Stones pandora playlist. I’m still smiling like a dork thanks to a very successful, ass kicking weekend. We worked our butts off shooting, and still, our bodies hurt from running in and out of the cold! More updates on what projects I’ve been working on very, very soon!

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My Night of Butterflies

(Erin Fetherston dress, Banana Republic bag)

Gah, I am super exhausted, under the covers in bed, cradling a cup of tea. I’m still in Philly after a long day of shooting, hoping to catch a good night’s rest. In the meantime, I thought I’d reminisce over one night of NYFW that was filled with butterflies, sparkles, and really good company. I attended the Erin Fetherston presentation at Milk Studios, decked out in a super cool lace button-down dress, covered in nothing but butterflies. Designed by Erin herself, this cheeky little number was so unexpected, yet so so cool. I don’t think I’ve worn a butterfly print since middle school, and even then, it was a hit! The presentation was just as stunning. I loved the simplicity in the models. All so neutral, but glowing left and right. My favorite piece may be that strapless nude dress with the messy bun. It all gave off an innocent vibe that’s oh so appealing.

With all my friends in town, we headed downtown to Rubirosa piiizzaarriiaa for a delicious meal with Threadsence, the Cali online shop that I love and adore! See? I even stuck the “I heart Threadsence” pins to my (erms?) to show my support. Anyways, I think we had about 10 different dishes throughout the course of the evening. We all left in giant food comas and still managed to drag our crazy butts over to Williamsburg for a night of dancing. Why? I really don’t know. Let’s just say I was happy to crawl into bed that night and finally sleep!

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Wild Thing

(“Natalie Suarez for Volcom” studded vest (in stores June), Volcom tank, Rugby by Ralph Lauren trench coat, Alexander Wang trousers, Dr Martens leopard shoes, Vintage Ray-Bans, Ax+Apple choker)

With a slightly strange hair flip and sharp studded shoulders, I always feel pretty badass. I’m once again sporting my very own “Natalie Suarez for Volcom” studded vest! Like I’ve said before, I can wear this baby with just about anything. I’m a layering freak and so threw it on over my trench coat before dashing out the door. That itty bitty touch of rock n’ roll drives me wild. I was snapped by my sister in Washington Square Park, acting a fool, before bouncing around 5th Avenue with friends. But back on the road I go! Looks like I’ll be away from this beautiful city for another weekend as I’ll be in Philly, on location, shooting my next Volcom design campaign: Holiday ’12! Like our Fall ’12 campaign, it will once again be shot by my lovely sister, Dylana, who always knows how to capture that perfect moment. I can’t wait to get down and dirty in the grungy Philly streets in my pretty holiday designs. NYC, I’ll be back before you know it 🙂

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